Bullets: The Raw Shot

I burn / Damn, hot! / I’m on fire. /

Burning since back in the Ether /

Sometimes hard, so hard, it is to be the Speaker. /

I take it, I accept it, sometimes I don’t like it. /

But I chose It. / And Damn I’m on fire here. / Alone I’m burning! /

Yearning! / Seasons f*cking turning! /

Do you hear me? / I know You do but Damn and uh… /

“F@ck” quite don’t do justice to how I feel. /

This shit is hot, it burns so-hot-it-done got /

And “F*ck!”/

Is All I can even say and right now / It’s the only word I feel so Real. /

And one so Raw. / Yes Raw enough to sum up, how I feel. /

And that’s what’s Real. /

Because it’s Honest. / Oh yes, the Truth, I won’t digress and… /

Hold-up! Put it down! / Damn, it’s hot but for now /

Shhhhh!!! /

You’ve said enough.

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