Embrace Your Inner Mystic: Psychic Redubbed

So I used to be a Psychic.  You may or may not know the story.  It’s in the annals of Adventures in Urban Mysticism or AUM: Vol 1, [coming to some form of publishing format soon or rather when it does].  When I left the scene, I had enough, it was cool, but it wasn’t me, it helped me know me, and grow further into me, but it wasn’t me.  It was like a stop, you know?

I prayed for a bigger Intuitive experience.  Be careful what you wish for because it really all is in the wording…  I took spiritual dagger from a Teacher, I got bum-rushed by Dark entities, a broken mirror walked back into my life showing me I could co-create literally anything, it all had to do with time really, enough energy, and well, yeah.

So I wrote.  I wrote, I wrote, and I wrote because it gave me peace.

I poured myself into The Tales of Mr. E. and realized how art imitated life so much in that story and my own life.  I realized the point of Red E. Now, “the Worlds Greatest Psychic” was that he was on a Journey to not only save the Dreams of Children of All Ages, but he was growing into the Mystic that he was.

And in the course of writing AUM Vol. 1, I learned so much, cleared tons of energy, walked into my Soul, and fell in Love with the whole of life.  So funny in that I reminded over a thousand of people that they once had dreams as children and the beauty in life could continue so long as we nourished the Inner Lil Homie [Inner Child].  Yet, a bigger Intuitive aspect to life I asked for and am in the process of receiving.  For what?  I’m not entirely clear on yet but I’m grateful for it because the mystical in life has made me recall it can be magical and that gives more meaning to the Inner Lil Homie.

Where I once avoided so much about life, I now relish in it.  Some of my favorites, melancholy, anger, joy, all being like different songs that life played in the energy of feeling.

AUM is funny because it’s short for Adventures in Urban Mysticism and that began as something witty and funny.  But now, it’s become a reality, something that I’ve taken from fun and been blessed to learn how to apply. My life is not perfect, but like a Sculptor sees the masterpiece in the marble, I’m still working at it.

Point being, I was sharing the tricks of the trade in the Embrace Your Inner Psychic.  The stuff that helped me as a Psychic was like a foundation but I couldn’t get down with being a Psychic.  I would tell everyone I met who had a question if I was really Psychic, that I’m Intuitive.  And I am.  All of us Human+Beings are and we each have different gifts.  That’s the cool part of it.

But anyway, yeah, that’s the name change right there and the reasoning in the event there was some confusion or questions from previous threads. Or I’m just giving my Crazy Gemini arse something to expand on.

There you go.  Embrace Your Inner Mystic, High-five your Inner Lil Homie and…

Aloha Harder.

I’m out.

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