AUM Redux: Life is a gift, so enjoy it!

Today, I awoke to a text from my Mom asking me if I was okay.  Some random person was soliciting money from my Grandma and claiming to be ole JMAW.  The weird thing is my Mom asked me if I was sick because I am getting over something so my voice is froggy to say the least and she asked about that too so it threw me off.

I got up and decided to do my laundry.  I didn’t really want to, would have rather slept more but I was up, no more sleeping and even though I’m more of a night laundry kind of person, alas my dirty socks took precedence and I embarked to the laundromat.

Laundromats fascinate me.  You have people from all walks of life going to the same place to clean that which clothes them, their bedding, and so forth.  There’s got to be some deeper analogy there but I’ll leave that for you Reader to disect…

The last time I went to the Laundromat there was a drug deal going down.  The time before that a 6’5″ Transgender lady and her 5’6″ boyfriend/pimp were giving me the eye.  I don’t much recall the times before that other than when I go to do my laundry, it’s like I clock the growth I made since the last time.  And of course, I read books or watch people (as evidenced by the recollection of the drug deal and the people and so forth).

So there I was today, reading Ernest Holmes, Mr. Science of the Mind himself, really getting into, so much of it making sense, as it has been for some time now.  It’s like the realization comes, than the application and understanding follow.  I like that, I can dig that.  It’s like going in the water and trying to duck a wave for the first time.  You see this giant force coming at you, know if you don’t do something, you’ll get smashed, but don’t necessarily know how to not get smashed so you get smashed anyway.

So I’ve been vibing my homie, Holmes, because he’s all about how where our mind goes, it creates.  And it’s true.  The last few weeks have helped me to really see how I’m connected to all people and that my own Oneness is at play all around.  The last few years were the gift I needed in order to enjoy this, whatever this is.  And there’s some such to do about the moment with that but I’ll let the Okay-Ness sum that up mindfully ; )

So this gentlemen, his name was Baron rolled up, and I felt him looking at me.  I felt his energy coming towards mine so I looked up and he asked me what I was reading.  And he just needed to talk.  And man did Dude talk.  He told me the origin of the word “Fuck” (for unknown carnal knowledge) from back in the day Old English crime style.  He also shared his experience in the US military, how he loved it because he accepted that people were people.  And he shared his love for reading, how he read everything.

He talked and I listened and when I spoke, which was very few in this interaction, he took it in.  I used to get told that there was something about me and people were drawn to that.  I got that feeling with him.  He got that there was something about me and that’s why he kept talking and going.

And it began with him asking me the time.  He didn’t want to be late and thought his watch was off.  I don’t remember what I said other than wherever we are, we are, late, early, otherwise, and our experience of time is really just varying with consciousness.  Or I’d like to think that’s what I was getting at but anyway, he went on for about 45 minutes and I learned alot and I realized, yet again, I was there in the right place at the right time, I was protected and doing with walk with Spirit and all was well so not to fear.

And that was good because the person calling my Grandma from Haiti and using my name kind of bothered me.  But you know, it all works out.  I accept that.

Baron last words were: Life is a gift, enjoy it!  We shook hands and he left his laundry.  So I left him the book.  It served me and if I find it again, I do, if not, it was time for me to release the energy and allow new to come along.

Aloha nui my Friend and thank you.  I shall see you again when the time dictates it so.

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