Bullets: Just a Blur

Sometimes /

You see something so quickly /

Not enough to take it all in /

At the time it seems to be /

Just a blur /

But something inside screams /

That it is so much more /

You cannot explain why /

You just feel it, you breathe it /

You Believe it /

& even though you haven’t captured it /

(Yet) /

It speaks to you /

Whispers your dreams /

Holds the key to overcoming your fears /

It might have been a smile /

Maybe it was a warm embrace /

Or perhaps, a passing glance /

But that glimpse into such a Sacred Mirror /

The feel of such a connection to /

“No Words for such Transcendental Beauty” /

You remember it /

Always /

Because there was something Real /

Genuine /

Authentic /

There was Truth about It /

Even if it was just blur…


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