AUM Vol. 3: Strange Music

“Straaaaaaaange Music!” ~ Krizz Kaliko

Man, I have been in a crazy Flow the last couple weeks.  So much has happened that I don’t know where to start.  I have about five entries that I poured into only to get derailed and off on the Adventure of Life again.

I’ve been putting the polish on AUM and it’s been a task.  I hit a breaking point last week after I put the money down to publish.  I questioned.  I was worried.  It was an amazing mess until I took a breath, relaxed and reminded myself that this is where I am, and there is a reason I’m doing this, even if I cannot see it.

Long ago, I felt I had a message, trouble was, I didn’t know how to explain it.  Someone would ask me in the midst of my breakdown:

“Is there a story?”

So I went back and pulled out A Call to Love.  I was floored!  As I re-read A Call to Love, I saw a complete story and realized that it was Part 1 to the Part 2 that is AUM Vol. 1.  And the best part, the message was there in each.  There were even elements of it that mirrored, granted it draws on my experience but what I mean is that I could see how both were communicating the message, the same message via two different vehicles.

I took another breath, had a laugh, and got to work.  And it’s been exhausting, I was even visited by a Dark Being once more.  Only this time, I walked away with a different conscious experience that I hope to address as we continue with this Adventure.

At any rate, we’re closer than ever and exactly where we need to be… Always!

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