AUM Vol. 3 – Floating

Lately, I feel like I’ve been floating through Life like a cloud.  Not all crazy and nuts kine but you know the breeze has it covered and will move me as it sees fits…

The best thing about my Life recently is that I can let go of stress fairly quickly and not fight where I am at.  I still get frustrated, I still feel challenged at times but I remind myself that where I am is exactly where I am meant to be because… it is where I am and from there I can just Flow, or float, or whatever.

The phrase “be careful what you wish for comes to mind” again because I am getting what I wished for and of course with it comes the norm of what needs to be gleaned in order to grow myself.

Sigh.  A sigh because when do I finally get to that Light at the end of the Tunnel.  Not the Death one but the one where it all comes together?  But eh, I get ahead of myself right?

My Psychic Teacher, Liddy, asked me out of the blue the other day: Do you want to know when you’ll be successful?

This Lady is peculiar and it is eerie because she has helped fill in gaps that were left out.  She says things that make sense to that place of Truth within.  I have recently been meditating on how Truth recognizes Truth and without a shadow of a doubt, I agree…

I laughed, who doesn’t right?  But that day, I didn’t.  I didn’t want a timeline because every time I have had an expectation it leads to disappointment.  Perhaps that is why we do not know everything about our Lives or experience up front because the time in between or the ups and downs would drive us mad each time we actually knew.  I have had a few experiences like that myself…

She did tell me a few things and she stated: You’re the only I get that for.  Most others, it’s not, but you, your Life for some reason, has certain elements, which is good for you.

I concede it is, it is like a sign-post, and extra Stop, Turn Here, Green Light, or whatever at just the times that I need them in order to keep on having Faith and keep on moving forward.

Every day I get reminders and confirmation I am in the right place, wherever that is.  Just yesterday I had a deep and most welcome conversation about God with a co-worker, which gave me a sense of peace that though I was racking my brain trying to understand how I landed in some small kine chaos once more, that I was exactly where I needed to be just like a cloud, floating into place to provide the comfort of some shade, or perhaps to allow for the cool breeze to be enjoyed despite a blistering sun.

So I accept you cloud-like floating feeling.  I accept you because you are what I have at this time and well, Life is but the Dream of the Grand Dreamer anyway.  And you know, even though a situation, a day, an experience may have similar elements to it, just like the clouds each day, they are all unique and just a bit different…

Aloha no.

2 thoughts on “AUM Vol. 3 – Floating

  1. So what was her response to you wanting to be successful? Should we not want it? Stop reaching for it like that ever magical fading mist and just let Spirit take us? But then how do we know that what we are doing are everything we need to do to get there if we stop reaching? Just wondering. I found your blog and thought hey that’s exactly how I’m feeling! Can’t stop feeling like life is taking a little longer to get there.


    1. Aloha e Brooke: She told me exactly what I needed to hear. She told me what I did not wish to hear. Either way she said “when,” described a few things, and I absorbed.

      I believe we should want to be successful and it is important that we understand what that means for each of us. For a long time for me, success was a good job, or to graduate, or to have a family, and/or all of the above. I do not think that is bad but I experienced all of that in different forms and did not feel successful.

      I believe in our Paths, our Souls have an idea of what it means to be triumphant in Life and in my case, success deals with what I feel it is important to do in this Lifetime. If anything, I strive to stop reaching for the Next because we only have what is right Now. As I climb this Mountain of Consciousness and allow myself to walk without Fear, I find that I exactly where I am, however I am, in any given moment is good enough, and I can enjoy that. I no longer need to fight it.


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