AUM Redux: Lunch w/ Demon (Biker Cameo)

Flashback post that has been sitting in the ether of my Drafts Folder.  Enjoy!

Today I had lunch with a Demon.

Here’s that story.  It all began with talking to a Biker…

At the end of AUM Vol. 1, I was bombarded by Dark Spirits, encountered Demons, and had a conversation with what I could only deem as the Devil himself, as well as some other elements from that plane, talking Lucifer (who we’ll call Luci because she was living in a woman), and some of them other fools.

I prayed for the bigger Intuitive experience and got it in the form of really applying and trusting my Intuition almost on a blind sort of way.  I had done this in my travels, had experiences of it at home, all around me but what I didn’t get until the last couple days was that in my commitment to submit and flow with the Spirit, rather than fight it, I was now allowing myself to be moved around and shifted, helping me to heal, to grow, and in turn, accept fulfillment has a place in life.  So I suppose you can say it was important for me to learn more and grow into it further.

So yeah, this all leads up to the fact that I quit my job the other day because I had concern over fair labor practices and the culture of the work environment…

Couple other things,  I was accused of being too sensitive and making false assumptions before, during, and at the end of it because the management felt attacked but the law is the law and I took action because I believe in the principle of valuing others because I learned to value myself.  Things that I saw, experienced, and documented were coupled with what the Spirit said which was get to stepping.  So I did.  And what someone else told me, employers like that play the victim role but really, they are the one’s taking victims, preying on people who won’t say or do anything.

It was crazy because I have felt the twist in my gut the whole way.  They think I’m just doing this to be a dick or something or that I’m judging them.  No, I took action for what I believed in, demonstrated in a way that you cannot push and disrespect people just because you pay them money.

I have worked long, worked hard to be able to walk in Faith.  It has not been easy and I have fallen many, many times only to get back up and brush it off and keep going.

When you trust in Spirit, allow God to speak and express the whole ‘Thy Will, Not My Will’ thing, you got to trust.

“He’s molding you, he’s helping you to grow and to take a stand like you just did.”  The Biker would say to me.

When I first started with this thing, I’d pray for a dream and interpret it.  Then I started to incorporate asking for signs, messages in my waking state.  I kept working with how the body is the way the Spirit experiences the world and I watched, I documented, I observed how I felt, how things repeated, like my nose tingling for example if I need to pay attention, how my Heart hurt if I was near someone in pain, and so on.

I’ve felt as though I was being endowed with armor, a tingling over my shoulders when I was faced by a Dark entity…

So it’s not like, yeah, this job sucks, I?m quitting, alot of spiritual reflection went into it.  I lost my name tag twice, my car broke down not one but five times on my way to work.  There were other nudges, slaps, and I wasn’t about to be brought to my knees again.  Nor was I going to just walk off all lodi dodi because even though workplace bullying is not illegal, that doesn’t make it right.  And the only way you deal with a bully, you take a stand.

The Dalai Lama discussed his views on non-violent protest when I attended his recent talk in Honolulu.  I have reflected on war and violence before and wondered if peace were possible.  Within our own physical bodies, we have cells that attack one another.  But then again, usually our immune system fights things that are harmful so if within our own physical beings, within Nature, there is something that combats what is harmful, than that can take place outside as well.  It would seem we manifest that in many ways that are too long to list here, nonetheless, I would think war, violence, and so forth is unhealthy.

In our basic interactions with others, is it not plausible then to say that it is harmful to be disrespectful, to act in a menacing fashion, promote hostility towards others?

As I look at my life, I see every time, I have pushed, I have fought by staying in these situations, mixed results occur.  I think sometimes we have to stay and be heard, but if we are not heard, if we are guided to do something different rather than talk about it, we have to do what we are guided to do.  It’s kind of like what happens when someone leaves her partner because of what is felt.  Sometimes words just propagate more arguments, more fighting and well walking is the best way.  In conflict resolution, agreeing that no resolution is possible is sometimes the only answer.

I struggle with my divinity because of my humanity.  Not one is great than the other for in this Life, they need one another, but despite the sides and the burning in my gut, I had to ask for more confirmation.  One day I asked for a sign to guide me in knowing that I was doing the right thing before I did it and a leaf blew into my water.  I asked my friend, what do you think this means.  ‘Drink more tea.’  he suggested.  I took a breath and I heard, ‘Time to leave.’  I laughed and thanked the Spirit because the messages really are all around, we need only pause to allow ourselves time to breathe, a moment to listen, for all of God?s messages to speak to us.

It’s funny because about a week ago, before any of this even went down, I heard, ‘You won’t be here much longer.’ and then laughter.  It wasn’t all ‘muahaha’ evil laughter but a light-hearted like ‘Brah Jason, it’s about to get fun.’

And in a way, it did, my last week at work was awesome.  I was able to accept a whole lot of things that I hadn’t before in life.  I was privy to be invited to the aforementioned Dalai Lama’s talk and I really reflected on happiness, on allowing life to just be based on what he said so it flowed into this week.

My Journey has taken me to a place where even though I can stand for what I believe, I still feel sorrow for others.  I know that my former employers had good Hearts.  They were also fragmented people, mirrors into parts of my own self that I was letting go of, so I could see where they were at.  But regardless of where people are at, law is law, there is right and wrong on this plane.  So when I was being bullied, spoken to like an animal failing to perform a trick, and having the blame for illegal activity pushed on me, I had enough.

In the Bible, it is said that one will be persecuted for standing up for her/his beliefs.  The reference had to do with Jesus’ teachings.  Jesus’ greatest teaching was the Law of Love and in a Culture of Fear, standing against tactics that use power control is important.  I chose to do that and I did it in an admittedly extreme way, but I did because I felt compelled to.  People in positions of power, no matter how good their Hearts may be, cannot treat other human beings in such a way that utilizes power control and fear.  On two occasions where I broached issues, I received an offer for my hours to be cut.

I was encouraged to be honest and communicate prior to one of those occasions and was offered for my hours to be cut.  The same thing happened to other people.  I had heard of instances where co-workers were spoken down to, literally persecuted without cause, and when it happened to me, I quit, immediately.  Sent information that cited what was going on and well, whether it resonates or not for my former employers, it inspired my former co-workers.  I got calls, texts, and emails telling me I did the right thing for taking a stand. (Note: Three people would go on to better situations themselves.)

It was hard for me to do.  But I did it because I had enough and I felt that it was right regardless of the flack and comments that I have gotten since.

This has been really bothering me the last few days because even though my gut told me it was rights, I saw the signs, and so forth, I like people, can find good in all, and realize that many people, regardless of age are acting from places of hurt and inabilities of love themselves.  In many ways, taking this step, was a ritual to further love myself, to take care, and that in and of itself, was enough.

So as I left my house, not sure which way to go, I took a brief walk for a quick lunch.  There I ran into two very interesting gentlemen.  And that would be around the time I had Lunch with a Demon.

As I talked with the first man, the second appeared, like literally out of nowhere, I didn’t see him come up but all of a sudden he was sitting there.  When I looked into his eyes, a slight chill washed over me and it reminded me of the times where I had been visited by Darkness previously.

Now can I prove this man was a Demon? No, but I am sharing what was my experience, consistent with other experiences that I have outlined in the past.

His words, ‘Trust no man.’ and ‘God’s got a lot of work to do on me.’ and other things weaved in, not to mention the look in his eyes, his condescending laughter at serious issues, gave me the same feeling where the Spirit came to protect me, to stand strong.

It was crazy because this whole Journey, this Call to Love, Home to God, this Path I have been on, I have felt, have seen, how it is God and the Devil battling it out on one level of consciousness.  We need just take the time to see it, to listen, and Trust.  From there can we move beyond this conflict, which starts within and is at play in the world around us.  Only then can we begin live the Law of Love.  Only in relationship with that Love, the God Within, can we be set Free, and out lives healed.

And this is all there in each of our Paths.  Each of step of our Walks on this Journey we call Life.  When I was a kid, I believed that the world could be better, I don’t know how, I don’t know why but it’s what I believed.  I always questioned, sought to understand when the answer, quite simply, the way is through Christ, and that is symbolic in walking One’s path and that’s what he meant by follow me.  He said follow me, follow his lead by walking down our Path, a Path which will show us what’s out there and see that there is more to this life, that God is real, and quite simply as we say in Hawaii, Aloha ke Akua (God is Love).

In order to see this, to recognize, we must also be Mindful, be Present, observe, as the Buddha taught, for in so doing, one can see Love is everywhere along the Path.

Only through walking in Love, striving to find the Love in it all, will we as a people rise above the hate, the oppression, stand strong against perpetuating a culture of fear within ourselves, our families, our communities, and this world.

I know it’s hard.  It’s damn hard for me every day but you know what?  It’s worth it, Here and Now, and if the Life of those yet to come is better than what I have, even better.

Answer the Call.  Find the Love within.  That is my message.

Signing out.  ~ JMAW

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