Bullets: Some of That Love Poetrish

Just like the Oshen wen say: Hey you Pretty Wahine / I want to know what you’re all about / I can see the Beauty that moves through You / Both from Within / To what I see you have Out / I feel your poise, that sensitivity, and such a Great Heart / But Most of All /

I feel your Pain / And I wonder what lessons your Soul is here to learn / And even more do I want to know what there is to know about You / The Pain / Oh Yes, I see it sits right there / Just below the Surface / But lean close / Not because this is a Secret / But because it is meant to be spoken softly /

I can show You how to embrace the tears of the Heart / So that they simple wash away and heal that Pain / I know your Smile / I see the Truth in it just as I see, I feel, I know your Pain / You are a Beautiful Reflection of The Sacred / The Diamond that is your Soul / Oh this! I Know fo-sho / So just gaze deeply into the Mirror, mon Cher / And also will You Know /

What I’m all about…

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