AUM Trinity: Thai Walls

So in light of the fact that I do some Social Media Management and Strategy for different businesses and organizations, somehow I missed the mention of Starbucks Thai Wall drink craze… A few weeks ago, while going to one of my Part-Time gigs, I asked my co-worker if she wanted something from Starbucks because one […]

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Life is a conversation with One-Self.  The more the reflections are gazed in so deeply that all the fragments split, the easier it is to realize that the Mirror is not a reflection, but something to move through in order to be Whole. That is All. Love.

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Aum Vol. 3: Empti-Ness

I am in the process of saying good-bye to a broken Mirror… In recognizing the broken Mirrors, seeing the shattered reflections and putting those pieces together in my own Life, it seems to be there are no Mirrors, at least at this stage of the game, because I have gazed deep in All, and have […]

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About a Braid

I have written Poems recounting Journeys through thousands Upon thousands of Lives And their Millions and (wait for it) THE MILLIONS Of Experiences of Moments That make up this One… Long… Moment… Of Existence I have felt Angels Seen Demons Perhaps greater Definitely scarier Have I found All That Within I have given Crystals Poetry […]

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