AUM Vol. 3: Marriage

Yesterday, I performed my first wedding here in the State of Hawaii.  It was truly an awe-inspiring experience.  I have never felt more natural.  It was like in that experience, I felt confirmation that a big part of why I am here in this day and age, is to bring people together.

When I was but a child, I wanted to help the world.  As I grew and went to college, I was all about bringing together the community, building community.  It’s like I went from Super Macro to Micro Macro to this yesterday, where I had the experience to facilitating a ritual that solidifies the bond two people take in committing to one another.  It was pretty amazing to help two become One.

A year back, I attended a reception for two friends who informed me that there daughter would be conceived after they partied at my House after work a few years back.  It was crazy to see where they had been, how they had grown and to witness.  Yesterday, the wedding I performed was for a friend whom I met around the same time as I met that couple years ago.  In recent months, a few people I did spiritual work for got engaged or married.  Though the Love is theirs, I played a unique role in all of these relationships.  It’s kind of surreal to think about.

I have been pretty Lone Wolf these days (even though wolves roll in packs).  I accepted that my role is something of Pathfinder and have spent alot of time alone over the last two years in particular but throughout my Life, Alone with Spirit, seeking to understand God so that I may heal and heal those around me. My name, Jason, means healer, so it would be appropriate that I would seek such a Path.

“You have worked very hard on yourself, Dear.”  The words of my Teacher/Friend/Student today.  “Not just in the time we’ve known each other, but your whole Life.”

In that space, I have found the hole inside to be filled whole by finding God, who is Love, within, and seeing That Which IS mirrored all around me.  As I have walked this trek, it has been wild, unbeaten, and was filled with Death and Release.  So to witness the union of two people as the one tasked with bringing them together shook me to the core.

In the last post, I discussed True Love.  True Love is real and it is within.  I believe that.  But I also have to believe that it can be shared between two people.  As I observed the play around me, as I felt the Love between the two of them, I had proof, proof in a time when admittedly, I had given the idea up.

Many times we wait until something shows up in our own lives, and then, sometimes it is too late, because we miss what lies right before us.  We don’t have to miss it, we need only accept that Love is already here.  To feel it is to know it, to know Love is to Believe, and to Believe is to Allow, and to Allow, well, that’s a big part of Faith.  By allowing Life to be, for Love to fill us, we can accept whatever we are thrown.  Because sometimes, what we’re thrown is another hill to climb, another wall to scale, a murky moat to cross.  And in the climbing, scaling, and crossing, we find a deeper appreciation for that which matters most to us.

The sun set majestically yesterday, it went well, I didn’t feel nervous.  I might not have been the one getting married but it was the first wedding for a good friend, so I was stoked to feel natural.  As the night ended, the Groom gave me the garter and I laughed.  He said: “You know what this means… you’re next.”

I’ve had visions, I’ve seen Angels, Demons, and so on.  I don’t know what is going to come into my Life but I say thank you for the Love that is already Here and Now.  If marriage is next in my Life, cool.  If not, I’m going to keep on like Aerosmith and Walk This Way because it is fulfilling to do so.

Congrats to April and Adrian. Thank you for the honor and may you both be blessed Always.



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