AUM Vol. 3: The Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)

“Blink, blink! Think, think!” ~Digable Planets

This week has been all about watching the waking dream.  The other night, my friend, a Cancer, and later about five other Cancers would talk to me about living a Life of Love, unbeknownst to one another.  My Venus, the planet governing Love in Astrology is in Cancer so I found it to be quite fascinating really.  This came right after a Police Car had passed to my left that day and I heard: Security is to walk into the unknown, where you will always be protected and served.

In many ways, we have it backwards with our logic but I digress…

Two fellow Geminis, who are born interestingly enough on the same day, would drop some comments that mirrored the deep recesses of my own mind, which for me, my Mercury, which rules the mind and thinking, is also in Gemini to couple my Gemini Sun, so needless to say, there’s alot of back and forth going on between my ears sometimes so to hear it from these two, quite amazing.  A Scorpio would very intensely come at me passionately with what he was doing, which of course, goes a bit with my own Scorpio moon, and well, so on and so forth.

Tonight, I thought about far I had come by taking care of my own healing and not making my role to take on the struggle of another person’s wound.  Chiron, the Wounded Healer in Mythology, deals with wounds in Astrology and in this life, my Chiron had to do with self-worth and neglect, themes my Inner Child really grappled with for a long time.  Most wounds stem back to the Inner Child, who struggles with self-worth, acceptance, Love, Faith, and/or other/all of the above.  Ultimately, the wound is the perceived duality that we are not One with God (you can say whatever works for you), but tending to and Loving the Inner Child is a great step in getting there.

As I was closing up shop at one of my PT gigs (I juggle four jobs, one FT, three PT, oh yeah and I do this writing sh!t too, ha!) and pondering this, the dream answered with a lad walking in the open door.  Our shop was closed entirely but I had the door open to let in some breeze while I finished a few things up and in walks ole boy, erm, young boy, eh, you get the picture.

So Dude rolls in and asks me if we were open for service.  I replied that we were closed and he walked away.  I was immediately hit by the fact that what I had thought, about how I had to take care of my own and not sacrifice it for another, brought a Mirror back to me, a dreamlike echo…  I could only laugh in amazement at all of this.  A few years back I told my former Mentor, I felt like I had something to offer that follows up where Joseph Campbell left off.  I didn’t know what that meant at the time and I dare not say I know exactly now but the studies of the dreams, learning their language and being able to teach and share such with others is definitely becoming a service I have to offer.  Even if is just done by leaving clues or brutal honesty.

Sometimes the only Path is to leave a trail behind that you blazed.  In many ways, it can be like that for each of us, our lives have just that potential.  But how many of us wonder off into the Wilderness eternally?

Aloha no.  And thank you for this Life.  It truly is a Gift no matter what may be going on.

“And I’m cool like dat, I’m cool like dat, I jive like dat, I funk like dat… We out!” ~ Digable Planets

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