AUM Vol. 3: Lines Blurring Into One

“Human Beings to a God, what’s a God to a King, what’s a King to God, what’s a God to a Non-Believer, who don’t believe a thing… No Church in the Wild.” ~ Frank Ocean on Watch the Throne by Jay-Z and Kanye West

I first heard Frank Ocean on an Odd Future Mixtape late last year.  The emotion that gets communicated through his voice and well all of the Odd Future, Golfwang Collective of artists is pure creativity and expression.

Hip-Hop, Rap, and shoot even R&B has at times been lumped into one category or another.  Whether it be Gangsta (Rap) or baby making music (R&B), whenever we lump something into one, it takes that one to go against the grain that makes us think, even if it’s just a slight bit different…

Listening to Channel Orange, Ocean’s new album, something just felt so free about it.  I like movies because it allows me to think and at times take a ride  But with music, it is like Truth in feeling and for me, as I have felt in Nature, and great momentary encounters along the Al-Oneness of this Journey that gives me the greatest reminders that I am not alone because I can feel the connection.

I have walked this Spiritual Path, seeing, finding, hearing Love and God in All, and in so doing, I feel free.  My usual process is to read, watch videos, or look at the background of Artists, to see where they’ve been.  To my surprise, I learned earlier that Frank Ocean openly expressed having had a same-sex love earlier in his Life, and I realized why the freedom was communicated right there.  He wasn’t afraid to share who he was with the world because he accepted all parts of him.

In the Hip-Hop World, it’s still pretty Alpha.  For Ocean to express himself without fear, was liberating not only to himself but gives a Voice to people who didn’t know if it was okay to be themselves, black, white, green, straight, gay, Asian, Martian, Comet, Cupid, Rudolph, whatever, however.

I relate to this because I am finding my own Freedom and Liberation through acceptance of this Spiritual Human+Being that I am and have always been but I did not want to share because I did not know how it would be received.

“They’ll lynch you in the South if you talk like that.” An Australian gent told me while I was on my Vision Quest.  Old sentiments die hard but we have to be who we are, truly, madly, deeply, always.

I was so afraid, so fearful before of pursuing the spiritual work and letting it fill my entire Life.  I had a hard time walking this Path because I wanted others to believe in it before I did, to do the work for me.  Ultimately healing my wound of spiritual disconnect and also in just Loving and being Okay with Life as it is, has always been my work, and my gift that I can share with others, who may also be afraid of ‘coming out’ spiritually.

I have felt conflict, I have struggled and in finally pushing out of the cocoon spiritually, letting myself be this cat with a different view and share it in all aspects of Life (a job, a bar, with whoever) because it is who I am and that sets me free.  Loving and letting that part of me Breathe, I am finally Okay with me, as I am, however am I along the Path.

Thank you Mr. Ocean for putting your Soul into your work and I commend you for your courageousness in Life.  You’ve inspired me to believe even more in what I’m doing and I hope that my words can inspire others out there because this work is also like Kid Cudi said: “For the kids just like me.”

“Your Love is my Scripture.” ~ Also from No Church in the Wild

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