Aum Vol. 3: Empti-Ness

I am in the process of saying good-bye to a broken Mirror…

In recognizing the broken Mirrors, seeing the shattered reflections and putting those pieces together in my own Life, it seems to be there are no Mirrors, at least at this stage of the game, because I have gazed deep in All, and have found the Love in and for them.

This One is hard because it is so close to my own broken elements.  It also symbolizes the end of a Dream…

As I realized last night that I had completed a Dream cycle that began nearly three years ago, I sent Love to this Being and thanked God for filling me in so many ways.  I gave praise for realizing that though I enjoyed Rage, and Anger was fuel for so long, I had found and felt that fueling with Love is so much better for where I am at.

I would go to sleep and have a Dream where I was in a room filled with Mirrors and was throwing a baseball underhand at each until there were no more Mirrors.  It was telling because it ended with me taking the ball and lobbing at a book at the end of a row of 6 books.  It’s cover a deep Red.

What began as a Narrative Poem, led into my first work on Okay-Ness, then A Call to Love, The Tales of Mr. E, It’s Sequel, and Now Here, the sixth, AUM Vol. 1, which is going to go to print.  It is no coincidence that today, I made my last payment for the publication of this sixth book and the woman I spoke with was named Phoenix.

The Phoenix, a symbol of arising from the ashes to be reborn.  To break down all the Mirrors, to accept the reflections as my own and to see clearly why I am here, not to struggle, but to fly, the process from Death to Rebirth itself.  This has been a powerful Journey that I have been on.  I watched, listened, felt the pull intensify recently as this Mirror explained frustration at certain things but then cut me down for the same.  A contradiction?  A lack of seeing that what angered this Mirror was Its own reflection?  My own behavior from the past that kept me shackled becoming more and more apparent.

The Journey of each is unique.  But that Mirror no longer has anything that It can teach me.  Living like that only burns. The Buddha’s teachings have a beautifully applicable saying: Anger is like holding a hot coal in One’s hand with the intent at throwing it at another…

I feel Love, I feel sadness.  Love because I can finally accept this place within my own Being.  Sadness because it was the only Truth, the Me Against the World, that I knew for so long, not necessarily because it was True, but because it was the only reflection that I allowed.

I Love You.

I also said these words in a context to another Mirror, One that gave me balance.  That Mirror would say that our experience helped her to find herself.  I felt the same.  I am so grateful for that balancing Mirror.  Extremely happy that I no longer feel any anger or frustration over what occurred though at one time, I truly questioned what was happening in my Life.  But it was all of that made me realize that I had to choose Love.  It may sound cliche, but in choosing Love, that is the only Peace that I have ever consistently known, and my Life gets better and better each day because of that practice.

I was asked yesterday if I had a religion.  I believe Aloha ke Akua.  God is Love.  I guess if I had to say so, I believe in Love (see above about Love being the only thing that has helped me to be set free).

Love always protects. Always believes. Always hopes. Always endures.  Love never fails.

Nor does it end if we empty out all the other stuff.

THX to All my wonderful teachers, the Beautiful Mirrors!  It’s been quite the ride and I am excited to walk into whatever shall be next.

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