AUM Trinity: Thai Walls

So in light of the fact that I do some Social Media Management and Strategy for different businesses and organizations, somehow I missed the mention of Starbucks Thai Wall drink craze

A few weeks ago, while going to one of my Part-Time gigs, I asked my co-worker if she wanted something from Starbucks because one of my guilty pleasures is coffee.  She made some insane thing up that I thought was fake and too long to remember and she had to write it down for me but all I know it was iced, a flavored tea, and included Thai Walls.  I used to work at Starbucks many moons ago and still have some friends from those times who do work there.  Last night, was the first time I learned of the hatred towards Thai Walls when lil ole me ordered it myself to see what it was like…

“I hate those drinks.  Everybody gets that.  All because someone put it on their Twitter…”

I could feel the part of me, the innocent who had no idea, try to justify, try to fight the conformist element because I really had no idea that there was this Thai Walls trend to begin with.  As I watched that part within me writhe, albeit for approval from friends, who weren?t mad at me but more upset about their work, I could only smile and laugh for at the very least I was aware of it.  As I drank the drink, which I didn?t particularly enjoy, I wondered if I didn?t enjoy it because I truly did not, or because that other part of me wanted to punish myself. So often can we get trapped in the musings of others that we forget to enjoy our own stories, ya know?

In this day and age, I don?t really care if I?m labeled or if other people judge me.  I?ve lived too long to get wrapped up in that but it is easy to do so if one is tired or not conscious of the effect that others, their thoughts, and beliefs can have as we walk through our own lives.

Life is but a dream…

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