AUM Trinity: The Truth Is…

Yesterday was Dream-Like / Today has the feel of a Movie / Tomorrow is not yet of concern /
Like the Movie that’s playing / And the Dream that has passed/ I’ll let whatever Now moves me /To describe that Tense at Last….

The Dream Plus The Movie Became the Poem That is this Life…

The Truth is that Life is like a Dream… A truly wonderful tapestry, filled with beautiful imagery, mystique, and otherworldly magic.

The Truth is that Life is like a Movie… An epic story being told and unfolding around us, each day, sometimes many times a day, in the grand sense, one giant story weaving together to tell us each who we truly are.

The Truth is that Life is Poetry… A testament in words, dancing all around us and that encompasses the fullness of the experience of a Human+Being.

And The Truth with all of the above?  Well, That Truth includes Pain, Sorrow, Hate, Fear.  It includes all of that because in order to traverse this plane of experience and be set Free in Love, one must know who that One Is, within each and everyone.

Too Esoteric?  Too sensitive?  Too much like a balloon?  Only just getting started Friends…

And like that song goes about ra ra with that Nina, guess what Homies?   #ImCashinOut

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