AUM Trinity: Dream on, Dream Away…

‘Dream on… Dream away
I think I’m gonna have to stay
Stay forever’ ~ Color Me Badd (I Adore Mi Amor)

In the past, I have written about Love, Loss, Death, oh how I have written about you Sweet Death, discussed Magic, my encounters with various entities, how it makes sense when One contextualizes Life in layers of consciousness (I.E. God vs. the Devil @ Two Extremes). etc.

I have recounted lessons that I have learned as they were unfolding, after I processed, and before I knew what was to come, as well as revisiting with a new twist when those came as well.

I have shared my blood, my sweat, my tears, and now, here I meditate…  AUM Vol. 1, is complete.  I have held it in the hands of my Dreams since I was a child.  I have climbed to only fall.  I have run to have my body give out.  I have spread wings and leaped up to fly only to hit the ground.  With each fall, each tear of my Being, and each crash, something indomitable has propelled me forward.

I have fought.  I tapped when I had to but I kept coming back.  I kept up my pursuit.  Pursuit of Happiness?  Sometimes… Adventures of Mr. Rager?  Oh yeah, I relate to that most times, especially in when I was thinking about You, where You were, why You left, why You came back into my life, how, what if, and yeah… Rage.  Rage the beginning of my Journey into embracing that we each have our own Path to God and to learn that we even call God by different names, but still, having met Him, through our experience, and in committing to find the Joy in it All since, I know He is cool being called whatever we call so long as we find Him.

I see His message laced in a friend, a Father, as he tells his own son: You got yourself into a tight space Buddy.  How you going to get out of it?  It’s okay, I got You.

I have felt His message, I first did when I both held and beheld You.  And here I am.  Years later, physically Older, Spiritually Wiser, and the message remains the same, though now I can appreciate it: Transcendental Love.

The Apocalypse came in my Life, it passed, it ripped everything but my Life itself away.  And from the Ashes of all that burned away in the mushroom cloud that enveloped me during those short years, a long time of walking this Path consciously, at first a glance, now with a focus, now I see.  I awake, I illuminate, if only because I am not afraid to be Honest, not because I know any secret knowledge.  Just because I always speak my Truth.

To share Truth and be open to how it changes.  But the one thing that doesn’t change… That Transcendental Love that I feel.  As real and amazing as it was, as it is in Light of all that I have been through since. in keeping my Heart open, it does not change, for Love can only be and know Love.

So with Love, I know that whatever expression it takes to be shared, it is with Love that I release what I have learned, because of this All, so that others may have what I wanted but did not know how to do this or why because I needed experience that in order to understand what was and is meant to be shared.

I am but a messenger.  Really I am just a man.  A man who Loved a woman.  A man who Lost.  A man, who in many ways Died, in order to Live.  There is nothing in the twists and turns of my story that makes me like Jesus.  There is nothing of the rocks along my Path that makes me Buddha.  Just as there is nothing that makes them just like me.  Or You.  Any You, who may be reading these words.

We are One. But each of us is unique in and of that One.  That’s Truth.  It is Beauty.  It may seem too esoteric but whatever One chooses to judge Truth as, when peeled away from masks, all there is, is simplicity.  Beauty.  Love, Sweet Love, and All because I Sweet Death took so much from my Life.

In the Bible, the Book of Job specifically, God took all from Job, who not once cursed God, and only gave him more than he had before because he kept his Faith.

We all have those times in our Lives.  Just like the times where we are Muhammad and want to go in our Cave.  The same as the Buddha who left his family in order to figure out what was ‘wrong’ with this world.  And just like that Man, The Son of, who gave his Life because it is what he believed was a part of his own Path.

Death to Rebirth.  Let it be done.



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