AUM Vol. 3: Redemption

Note: This is an old post, I debated whether putting it up or not because of the sensitivity of what occurred.  May those who were directly impacted in Colorado be cared for and may some sense of release enter all of those tormented by this.

I watched The Dark Knight Rises over the weekend and I thought about a great many things.  The artistic brilliance of this work was overshadowed by the atrocity in Colorado, a State that has seen its fair share of tragedy, from Columbine to this most recent occurrence.  I have written previously about Scars, and how how Heath Ledger and his portrayal of The Joker asked the question about his scars. In my writing, I explored those scars, my wounds and have shared how processing them has been healing.  Someone told me yesterday that one day, you wake up and you realize that the Pain is gone.  I am not quite there yet…

When I was younger, I had so much Hurt and over time, that Pain was only cared for by the masks that I wore. I am ready to take off that mask and allow Love to sit in its place.  It is the only thing time and time again that has made any sense and given me any type of release or redemption for what I have experienced thus far.

Spoiler Alert: I comment on Batman again because here, we have been given Bane, a character who wears a mask, symbolically, what gives him release from the Pain he experienced in his own Life, and in this incarnation of Batman, that he received while protecting a Child.

As I interpret the Dream around me, I see that the Anger was all that I knew, because I did not understand myself nor did I have any clue about what was going on in the World around me.  This lack of understanding and my own inability to find a way to actually find meaning kept me in a perpetual cycle of Hurt.  But I did it to protect that own part, the Inner Child, that received the hurt to begin with and where the lack of understanding arises in the first place.

Our Souls come into this World and are expressed purely as children.  Jesus said: Be like the little Children.  He said this because they were in Truth.  Whether that Truth was of happiness or sadness, a Child is truly present.  The sad thing is that the world does not always appreciate this because so many of us are disconnected and wearing masks of our own to protect the Hurt within that we each endured.  As result, the purity of Truth receives wounds from the masks that others wear.

It is not the fault of God.  Nor is it the fault of our parents.  Society is not even to blame.  No one is specifically is the cause.  We just have not known how to listen in a way that serves us.  How can we when the Path for each of us is the only way to heal in the first place?

If the World is to change, it starts within each of us and it is imperative that we take the time to heal ourselves, to work, to grow, and connect, I believe spiritually for in so doing, that is the only way to realize connection fully and allow Love to breathe.  It can also help us to stop this cycle that we perpetuate of creating more hurt.

I do not know if there will be a Utopia, an ideal state where we coexist peacefully.  But I do believe it possible for us to enrich our Lives by knowing our Souls, and that extremes such as occurred the in Colorado can be prevented not because of Law of Man, but because Law of Spirit, one of balance, wholeness, and caring.

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