Wake Up(date)!!!


JMAW has come back… to The Simple Voice!!!

You can hold your applause!  I’ve been absent from writing on here for some time.  Life came and took me along the Journey a little bit further.  In my studies of the Waking Dream and striving to learn more about Urban Mysticism, I have found greater reflections about Life, which can only be described as taking consciousness to the or rather allowing my consciousness to experience the 4th Dimension.

There is a plethora of things out there describing the shift of consciousness and whether it is an actual shift or just a waking up and paying attention to things that were always there is not for me to say.  It merely is…

But for those looking for a little more, I don’t normally link to forums, but when I read this, it made so much sense and anyone interested in expanding their consciousness could pick up a thing or two from this article on waking up.

The results have been fascinating in my observations of this year.  I was always keen on synchronicity, or a meaningful coincidence, but it’s gone to another level recently.  As much as I argued and fought with one of my mentors about different things, I am so very grateful that she pushed me to study dream symbolism.  The process of interpreting dreams, is more and more telling about what is going on in my experiences every day because in having a working “language” with the Dream World, I can better interpret what is going on around.  Life truly speaks, all one needs to do is listen.

Mahalo nui for such a beautiful experience!


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