AUM Redemption: The Announcement

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.” ~ Pamela Vaull Starr

Hello World! JMAW here, it’s late, I’m tired but I’m going to be excited and blast on about it because somebody has to. So strap on your Facebook seat belts because we’re going for a ride!

Okay… so I’ve been writing for a hecka long time, maybe not as long as some people who have a few years or decades on me, but since like small kid time and I remember telling my parents once, I’ll work 40 jobs or so and then I’ll write a book…

I’m in the high 30s ranges of different jobs considering all the various Part-Time positions and roles that I have held over the years. I have status updated about a book over the past few years and actually that was in reference to the writing of three different non-fiction manuscripts and one narrative poem, so four books total. Along the way, I have been fighting my insecurities and that really got in the way, tripped me up at times, almost made it so that I wouldn’t cross this threshold. But something kept me focusing on that endeavor, to keep walking towards this sense/feeling that I had to share something ever since whenever (see small kid time above). If only just to do it, not for anything else but because I dreamed it possible.

It’s funny when you tell the World your Dreams. For every ‘Go For It!’ you get about 3-8 ‘that’s all good and well but what are you really going to do’ from others who had their own Dreams stomped on from early on. It is no wonder, so many of stop and get tripped up in our insecurities…

Well two of the manuscripts had the same core, the same messages, just in two different vehicles and after sitting with over a thousand different people last year and providing spiritual service, I had enough confidence to see past the fallacy of my insecurity, to see that maybe more was possible.

When I read the third manuscript at the beginning of the year, I was like wow, this is what I’ve been trying to do for so long. Through all of this, I have somehow managed by Divine Grace to get a contract with a publisher that I felt good about after doing research base on the guidance of a different publisher, who would have done it for free. But something didn’t feel right there (even though it was free) and the manuscript found a home after said research and money showed up to make the payments on the contracts. I found a plan I felt cool about and it’s going to produce the books in both e-version and trade paperback.

And… And! AND!!! I just completed all the required things uploads and paperwork to meet a 9/28 deadline so…

(Point being) there’s a very good chance it’ll be out by December 25th, 2012! Which I just found out the other day, not knowing about the 9/28 due date prior.

Now as long as the Zombie Apocalypse does not happen or the Mayan Calendar ‘Prophecy’ hold true, this (waves hands/insert here) that was once only an idea since childhood, that has been filled with spiritual blood, sweat, and tears, will be a physical incarnation. I guess Christmas came early… Mahalo ke Akua / OhMyGee / THX Kathleen Walter (Mom) and Larry Walter (Dad), Family Friends in Flesh, in Spirit, In-terdimensionally / Thank You! / Thank You! / Thank You!

I have held back and didn’t want to share this primarily for the reason cited above about putting your Dream out there and the blankets that are thrown to put out the Fire of Passion. But you know what? I Love y’all, I love Me, and realize that the Fear that causes such statements to blanket action towards Dream Creation is not our Truth. It isn’t who we are. So since it’s not even True, it is not applicable, need not apply to my nor anyone else’s Dream.

“That is all / Epic.” ~ Bryce Davis

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