AUM: Off on the Adventure

I just got the proofs back for AUM Vol. 1 and Dude, it feels pretty cool.  All day, it’s been bouncing through my mind as I’ve thought back to my first attempts at writing, at how I never saw it possible for this to come to Life, and here it is, so close, and no longer so far.  It’s been a blink…

I submitted all my materials less than two weeks ago, talked to Design and Marketing in the weeks since, and it’s been a tornado.  It feels like for every punch Life has in other facets, this is making up for all of it, not only the beating going on right now, but my whole Life.  Do I feel satisfied?  Definitely.  I can say that for maybe the first time wholeheartedly.  Am I done?  Heck no!  But for right now, where this is at, I’m satisfied and I’m grateful because it is like I am watching my Dreams come to Life before me and there is something truly spectacular about that.”

“You took an idea Dear, and now, wow, there it is, I am so happy for you.”  Adya, my Teacher, my Friend, told me after shedding tears when I showed her the electronic copy.  When I called her and told her that I had a surprise for her, I never saw that response coming.  She’s been the one since day one who said, “You are a writer and the world is ready for you.” along with a host of other things.

Whether the world is ready for me or not, I’m ready for me and for the first time in my Life, I no longer feel like, “I don’t know what comes next.”  I feel like I am ready for what is next and I know that I want that to involve writing, spirituality, and sharing this message, my observations of and with the Universe.

A short year ago, I didn’t see this coming, I had hope but I never saw how.  Two years ago, I’d not yet returned from my Dream Chasing, honoring Dreams across the US.  It seems so far removed yet so fresh.  This feels like what I was born to do.  I can’t capture the enormous feeling I have of gratitude right now.  My words surely fall short.  To say that pursuing Dreams and listening to the Heart are what it is about does not do justice to what this feels like, what it means to me.  I’m not even a Bestseller.  I’m not even a millionaire.  I don’t even need to say yet because this is where I am and I am so f*cking stoked about it I want to scream.  I want to jump up and down.  Yet despite that feeling, I feel calm, I feel like I understand what poised means.  I’ve worked my whole Life to to get to this place.

“You always knew my Friend.”  Adya continued.  I did.  I can’t lie about that.  I always knew I had something to say and that it would be shared with the World.  A year from now, where will I sit, what words will pour out of me as I look back and see how far that went?  It already exceeds what I ever thought.

“If this takes off beyond your wildest of wildest dreams, what would that be?” my Marketing Consultant asked of me.  He also added that I pray and ask the Universe to guide me.  I couldn’t help but laugh because each step of this I get more confirmation.  What is so gratifying about this, is that the heavy lifting is done.  I have written multiple manuscripts, my first is about to be published.  I feel like I’m at the tipping point where it all starts to gel.  Telling the Universe I’d give up what I did way back when in order to share what’s in my Heart with the world seems worth it.  As much as that was enough, this is pretty cool Dude, it’s pretty neat…

I have told a few people about this and they get so excited and trip that I’m still so calm, maybe my excitement only translates in writing.  Maybe not but I feel super calm about this step, like this is what I was born for.  It is awesome to experience true Joy from other Human+Beings at something that I set out to do and accomplished.

AUM Vol. 1 is just the beginning.  That’s all I can say right now because I’m not at the end of Vol. 3, what I envision the coup de grâce of the AUM series.  Will I be holding a child at the end of that?  Where will I be?  Who knows?  God-willing this piece right here is a part of either Vol. 2 or 3. and that’s that.

Mahalo ke Akua.  Thx Be to G!  And all that good stuff.

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