Are you Real?

I got asked this question so many times last year when the predominant amount of work that I did was Psychic related. Not that there isn’t a whole load of Psychic sh!t running through my Life but I don’t wear the title so much these days.

The further along this Journey that go, the more Real I find in unconventional ways.  Recently, I started to meet with whoever is interested weekly, and discuss spiritual ideas and questions.  Something about publishing a book pushed me into doing this, which honestly, I have tried to avoid because I don’t like to use the word teacher.  It is a label that I don’t think is necessary.  We are all teachers.  We are all students.  No one of us is any better than the next.

Am I qualified?  Now that’s a different question.  They don’t really give out degrees or licenses for being spiritual guides and in all honesty, I have seen shams that are licensed and accredited in multiple different fields so qualifications are somewhat inconsequential.

I think what it comes down to is truly Faith.  I have Faith that I am being moved in Spirit to work with people spiritually.  I believe that I have a message that comes from something that is not just ‘Jason’ or of man.  I cannot say why exactly that is but I have felt it since I was conscious of wanting to share it as a child.  If that is a qualification, then sure, I have been conscious of and working at this for over 30 years.

I had someone ask me recently to perform for him, to give him proof.  I didn’t.  I didn’t play that game because I have realized that in the past, I danced when asked to dance, not for others but because I needed to prove myself.  I have nothing to prove.  This is who I am, and this is what I’m doing, so I’m just going to be and allow and do.


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