A Time to Love Just Because


“The World is ready for you my Dear, you’ve got alot of work to do…” ~ Adya

Adya has often said that to me. It’s kind of strange. I have fought being human, fought being spiritual. In a place now where I am accepting of both. Whether the world is ready for me, JMAW, or I am ready for me, or this, that, something else, I don’t know. I just am these days. I signed my last document the other day, in fact, it might be the only document I signed for this book process, not too sure, but AUM Vol. 1 is pau. It is complete. It is off to the press. I surprisingly don’t feel bad about it. Quite the contrary, I am at last satisfied.

“Remember The Spider, Dear…” She reminds. The Spider, the Keeper, a mythical creature, a teacher in Nature, the grand Spider has been showing back up in my Life, reminding me of the web I spin in my own Life and how that has unfolded. Telling me to get back to work, day in, day out, no matter what.

Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammed, Joan of Arc, Napoleon, Rosa Parks, the nice person who stopped to talk to you the one day you were down, that little girl who said hi to me when my head was up my ass. People, Spiders, all creatures spinning inspired webs in their own ways.

That is Life.

No Soul is greater than another according to Universe. Within each of us, whether scoundrel or Saint is a being worthy and deserving of Love. If God is real, and He is Love, He knows that and his messengers have shared that.

I hope those really struggling in the world are able to find solace within and/or, wherever they can whether that be in the arms of another, in awe of Nature, in tears, in smiles, amidst accepting a fears, and moving into Love. I hope that those who cannot see how blessed they have it open their eyes today before too late a tomorrow and see Nature, see Love, because it never went anywhere, it just is mirrored in a many ways.

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