Pretty neat.  Pretty cool.  Wow…

Hard to sum up how I feel right now.  I had a sense that I needed to do something within my Soul and share something burning deep inside, this passion for Life, this belief in Love.  Didn’t know who, what, how, why, da kine but kept walking more and more with it.  Believe you me, I have fought the damn process too.  But I guess that is what makes it pretty neat/cool aka Wow…

I have learned immensely from my Life and this process of moving into becoming a Writer, publishing, adding ‘Author’ to list experiences that I have ‘worked’ at.  Years ago, as in just over two, I hadn’t even begun a draft, I had only scratched the surface, and in a long blink, three manuscripts later, my first book is here.  And when I looked at the times where I got out of the way, it was actually easy.  The hard part was getting myself to lift my damn leg and take the step, to stop fucking judging myself, to get out of the Ego, and to just do it because I felt inspired to.

Inspired Living.  Imagine that.

Thx be, much mahalo, and Aloha ke Akua for this experience.  Where it leads, honestly, no idea, how I feel right now, I feel like I’m content, the rest is all bonus.  Which is super funny because the other night I hit every stop light and then a woman walks in front of me with a Super Mario Bros 1up Life mushroom on her backpack and yeah, I thought of Scott Pilgrim, where he gets to go back and keep on keepin’ on, but the point is, this, this AUM Vol. 1 Rebirth is totally a brand new experience, feels like a bonus.

Thank you!

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