You’re Throwing Your Life Away

Man, I’m kind of lost on The Simple Voice.  My bad Peeps, I threw so much into writing/editing AUM Vol. 1 that I got away from here, where we have been since day one, almost six years, Wow bleepety Wow!   With that, I’d like to share an anecdote that I recalled in recent days.  It’s easy to point fingers and cast blame outside of ourselves at others.

I’m going to share a bit of my own process and what I learned…

Before setting out to do any of this Inner Work, all I had was an inkling, a feeling, a burning within to see what was pulling at me from within.  I was in great pain, and after a time, it became largely self-inflicted, and I was ultimately disconnected from that Foundation in Love, Faith, Knowing, Trust, God, The Spaghetti Monster/(Insert What One Believes Here).  My Spiritual Journey took me from a Death in a relationship to being the one to bring people together as a Hawaii Wedding Officiant.  Pretty crazy when I take the time to wrap my mind about that last fact right there…

As the Death was fresh, I was told a long time ago from a friend that one of our other friends was telling everyone that I was throwing my Life away, in regards to leaving an opportunity that helped him in order to go and do this, Live this Life, walk my Path, and though I’ve my own bumps along the way, it tends to get better with each passing day.  When I held the copy of AUM Vol. 1 for the first time, the thought came in to go and put it in that Dude’s face and be like, yeah, that’s wassup.  The thought came back again as a friend of mine expressed frustration at being attacked for making a decision to take a step on his own Path.

Each of us can only be who we each are.  It is a simple thought but so often we get caught up in the frustration of dealing with others and meeting them where they are at.  Why should we meet a mofo, if they can’t meet us? Well, if we can each only be who we are and some of us are in healthier states, then it is up to those of us who are healthier to live from that healthier place because that is Loving, it is as the Hawaiians say ‘Pono,’ or just, fair, dare I say… righteous.

Righteousness gets some bad press because their is still a great deal of Ego at play in the world and in many of the religions of the World.  Remember that before there was Religion, there was Man, and if you believe so, before that, God.  If you don’t believe, there was Man and Man’s stories, whether inspired or otherwise created God and interpreted a message from that idea.  Whether God is heard or not doesn’t matter, whether God is real doesn’t even matter if we keep forgetting that we are Human and all a little different.  In my view, from study and experience, Life is a little bit of All Things and if there is a God, He asks us to:


Live in Kindness.

Love Some More.

Let Go.

Live.. Just.  Live.

If there isn’t God, why does it have to be so hard to do all of that when all of us seek similar things, particularly in terms of feeling Content and Happy.  In the end, don’t we all want a Happy Ending?

It hurt for a friend to talk behind my back and say I was throwing my Life away.  But that’s because he thought what worked for him would work for me.  I’m glad I didn’t listen.  No disrespect to him but I found something in Living my Life that no one can take away.  I found me and that has freed me up to let others be as they are.  And that helps me to find fulfillment in my choices and to just Breathe.  That helps me in feeling Free and remembering that I always have a choice in that Freedom.

So I guess what I’m trying to say, you can go and flaunt what you go if you want but at the end of the day, people are going to do what they do, so let them and throw your preconceived notions on Life Away.  Crumple it up and take a shot at the waste paper basket in the Ether.  Keep taking shots until you don’t have limitation and well, it’s your Journey.  You don’t need me telling me any more than what you need. Life has that already taken care for you.

Throw Yo’ Hands in the Ai-er!!!

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