Holiday THX List

I don’t know if I have any wishes that merit a piece written about them but I do have alot to be thankful for this Holiday season so I will jot those down. New Love New Love has entered my Life after a Wintery period of my Life.  It is nice to experience the butterflies […]

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What if?

What if we could change the World?  You know, make it all good and ‘tihs.’  Create a healthier future. Why is it that the idea seems probable for some and impossible for others?  Questions that cannot be answered simply, merely Lived in order to experience. It’s not hard because it is easy.  As I look […]

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Reflect Yo

From time to time, in this +Being’s experience of Humanity, I feel strong disdain, angst, and so on. In recent conversations with a Teacher, we talked of this and she dubbed it the “Raggedy Times.” One of my favorite emotions is actually Melancholy, because from it follows Happiness and I create well/consistently during that time […]

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A Facebook Eulogy

This is in memory of my Grandmother, Aurora Mitchell, originally posted a few days after her Death this past Tuesday.  I am grateful for all the support people gave in their words and messages.  A friend would write and tell me it helped her deal with her own recent loss of her Grandmother and I […]

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