Reflect Yo

From time to time, in this +Being’s experience of Humanity, I feel strong disdain, angst, and so on. In recent conversations with a Teacher, we talked of this and she dubbed it the “Raggedy Times.” One of my favorite emotions is actually Melancholy, because from it follows Happiness and I create well/consistently during that time and transition.

I cannot say why we experience what we do and how we do. We just do. It?s not a cop out to say such a thing, it is a Natural, Ethereal Law that transcends the lack that our Minds are often clouded with.


From a personal standpoint, asking the ‘Why?’ and fighting these very natural feelings only perpetuated a Victim Consciousness. A Volcano does not ask ‘Why, am I erupting?’ It merely erupts. They say Trees do not lament a lack of Rain or the Rays of the Sun. In fact, if a Tree lacks Light, it changes its course and grows towards the Source of Light. Perhaps Roots run Deep for times when there is little or no Rain.

As I myself grow further, as Life has forged me like a Blacksmith does a new creation, through a methodical beating amidst a burning fire, I try not to focus so much on the questions. Rather, I look for what feels the answer because what I Focus gives me more of that, whatever that is, from wherever it is Created… Love and Fear are both powerful Creators, you know?

I do not profess to understand it all. But I will admit, that many times, I understand how I feel and because of that realize how truly important feeling is, in all its expressions, for it helps in liberating me from the beatings and torment of the Mind.

So if disdain, angst, and otherwise finds me, so be it, I welcome any and all feelings for they are merely there to teach. Let me remember to allow my experience for in allowing whatever may be to be, then I will not be shackled in limitation and can be set Free.

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