Holiday THX List

I don’t know if I have any wishes that merit a piece written about them but I do have alot to be thankful for this Holiday season so I will jot those down.

New Love

New Love has entered my Life after a Wintery period of my Life.  It is nice to experience the butterflies of Spring in my experience and this is definitely one of the top of the world kind of feelings so it leads off my list.


Writing has finally evolved into something crazy and cool.  I have done it forever but to actually have published despite the challenges it took to do so, means something beyond words.  Super grateful for this.


This is the healthiest and feeling best overall that I have been in my Life.  My body’s aches and pains are not excessive and I really like being in my skin.  That in and of itself is a valuable gift to me!


Always have, always will be grateful for this.  I feel a connection that words can not really sum up to this land that I was born in.  Years ago, being told the Spirit of the Hawaiian Islands had a calling for me scared and excited me both, but today, calling or not, I just love my Home.  Thx Hawaii.  In the vein of Ron Burgundy: Stay Classy!


My Life has changed so much in the last few years.  I am so grateful for the transformation that has occurred and for the reminder at how resilient we can be as Human+Beings.  It certainly has not always been easy but this has definitely been a truly rewarding period in my Life.

Mahalo ke Akua and much thanks to all the people who have walked in and out of my Life.

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