Meditation Techniques Part 1

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.  In many circles of thought it is important to keep the spine straight, in others, it is important to just be relaxed.  I say trust your body because one day you might be able to sit upright for a period of time, another you may not, […]

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I’ve encountered a challenge as of late and the only way I know to explore, express, and release is through the medium of Writing.  The Gift and the Curse… I’ve been avoiding writing.  Admittedly.  No excuses.  I’ve just been avoiding it.  The draft for AUM Vol. 2 is in the books.  Yet I have not […]

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there’s this fire it’s been burning for such a long time only thing is i’ve ignored the fire i dug the pit and chopped the wood yet i never cared for the fire but it hasn’t gone out still it persists so shall I…

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Something Old, Something New

“The Story is going to end.  The Curtain is going to fall.  When you realize the Curtain is going to fall, then what is the point… nothing stays, that’s it, but don’t commit suicide okay?”  ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar This has more to do with Writing and Expression than it does with getting married. […]

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Throughout my life I have eclipsed my heart With my thoughts Some actions Disenchanted my own soul The eclipse seems to be passing Allowing the Light back in As I have continued into the To Walk Through Darkness and with the Unknown…

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Bells Go Ring

Life is some funny ‘tihs.’  Right when you think you got it figured out, you get hit with a curve ball that you never saw coming and it’s time to put down the bat, stopping swinging, and take a walk. On many occasions in my Life when it was time to take such a step when hit […]

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