Meditation Techniques Part 1

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.  In many circles of thought it is important to keep the spine straight, in others, it is important to just be relaxed.  I say trust your body because one day you might be able to sit upright for a period of time, another you may not, so the most important part is truly the Breath itself, for the Breath is Life, it is also a physical embodiment and experience of Spirit.

But do note, if you lie down, you may possibly fall asleep.  “Do what your body says, Dear.” My Teacher would comment in reference to drifting off during a meditation.  What she calls going to another World, I might call a nap but anyway…

Jokes aside, now, close your eyes.

Focus on the point between your brow, or the Third-Eye Point as some call it.  Now breathe in deeply through your nose, exhale through your mouth, as you exhale, imagine you are saying ‘HAAAAA.’  In Hawaiian culture, this is called the Ha Breath.  Do this type of breathwork three times. and allow it to release all that you have been holding deep within yourself.  This is your opportunity and your practice to truly Let Go of that which does not serve you.

Once you complete this, settle into a normal breathing pattern.  Try to breathe into the deepest part of your belly as you can.  This was the way we breathed as babies so it is very much in line with the first breath that we ever had.  It also allows us to calm the body and the Mind down to be aligned with the Spirit and really connect, to truly feel the Greater connection through the Heart.

The Heart is the center for Love, Love is another name for God, God being that which is Divine and all-encompassing in Life. 

As you breathe, focus on how the the meditative breath feels as the air goes through your nostrils, down the back of your throat, and into your body.  Watch your thoughts as they come through.  Observe sounds, feelings, the voices you hear in your head-space.  They are just experiences the same as watching a movie, listening to a song, or reading a book.  Approach your Mind in the same fashion and watch.

Keep breathing.  Start off in small increments for as long as you can.  A marathon is not run right away.  Training goes into it the same way training goes into Meditation and opening up to the Mystical aspects of your +Being.

Work on this and you will be well on your way to relaxing and also taking a step into closing the perceived gap and separation from the Divine that already exists with you.

In Part 2, we will look at the role of Mantras.



I’ve encountered a challenge as of late and the only way I know to explore, express, and release is through the medium of Writing.  The Gift and the Curse…

I’ve been avoiding writing.  Admittedly.  No excuses.  I’ve just been avoiding it.  The draft for AUM Vol. 2 is in the books.  Yet I have not moved on editing it.  Where Fear once stood in my way in the past, this time, it’s a bit different.

I have even moved into Vol. 3, having drafted the opening to that collection.  I have received some reviews from friends and family, have even gotten an anonymous compliment on Amazon about it.  There is a time, a place, a demand if you will.  I have the supply.  Yet, I do not let it out.  It’s odd really because I have even been asked more and more to do Readings again, to give Counsel.  Whenever I explain that there has to be a donation, people vanish.

I am sick of people just coming to me when they need something.  We are lucky God does not grow sick of us because the World would be worse off because of it.  I would Love to just open up and give or at least I once thought I would.  Yet it gets thrown back in so many different ways.

I gives thanks that the Universe sees me fit to face adversity.  I laugh when teachers tell me it’s all just an experience.  But like 50 Tyson said, “I ain’t gonna lie,” I’m going to be honest and express that some of these experiences suck.  If I didn’t have Faith, I don’t know what I would do.

In the past, when I didn’t, I failed to see all the good in my Life, even as the bad happened, and I felt so trapped, weighed down by the weight of what worried me.  Yet today, things have changed.  I still feel the junk feelings when they arise, but I strive to learn.  If that process I have now is more beneficial, chee huu.  In all honesty, I just want to be fulfilled and happy, help as many folks as I can.  I don’t need money but I welcome it.  I don’t need to travel or fame or cars or whatever else [please insert here] because I have something greater in this Knowing and Faith that there is more than just me, my Ego, this small personality that exists within the vastness of the Universe.

Maybe that’s the answer.  Maybe not.  But in this exploration of Writing.  I feel better.  With that, I guess it’s on to editing…


there’s this fire
it’s been burning
for such a long time
only thing is
i’ve ignored the fire
i dug the pit
and chopped the wood
yet i never cared for the fire

but it hasn’t gone out

still it persists

so shall I…

Something Old, Something New

“The Story is going to end.  The Curtain is going to fall.  When you realize the Curtain is going to fall, then what is the point… nothing stays, that’s it, but don’t commit suicide okay?”  ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

This has more to do with Writing and Expression than it does with getting married.  I’m not opposed to marriage but I was once told I’d be married three times, which I found to be unnerving.  I would talk with a friend who would share that one could be married to a job so that got me thinking then as it does Now.

Recent events, in recent weeks, have led me to really remember and identify that it is time for me to take yet another step into the Unknown.  I do not feel weary so much as I feel like, okay, let’s go through this once more because it is that time again.  It is frustrating.  It is frustrating because who knows what I will find behind the next door?

I have more gratitude with each step of this Journey but it is a bit tiring.  Perhaps that is why I keep going through the steps that I do, so that one day I will not be tired in moving and just Flow as Life is taking me.

So while I am once more leaving something that has grown old for something new that I not yet know what entirely it is, do I feel excited?  Yes, slightly.  I am excited at the idea of a fresh start, of new movement as I welcome applying what I have learned in the year of asking for a bigger Intuitive and Mystical experience into my Life, further striving to marry the Mystical with the Mundane.  If the last few years and changes of my Life are any indication that change is always afoot and can be quite amazing, then why should I think otherwise?

Death was a huge guide that I discussed and is what I consider the big theme in AUM Vol. 1 Rebirth, for in order to be reborn, Death must occur.  So I look back to those lessons and as morbid as it may be to some, I accept that this will all end.  I need not rush it but I must bear that in mind if I am to Live in Truth and see that Thy Will Be Done, Not My Will.  In probably one of the most powerful examples spiritually that we have of someone taking a step and not necessarily wholeheartedly wanting it (My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?), Jesus gave his Life to take a step.  In non-religious examples, so have many others.  It could be argued that MLK Jr., JFK, and Che all gave their Lives in taking steps along the Path.  Even John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and nameless others who though may not be known as widely, matter just as much to our Father who Art Thou..

So if that’s the case, what if the Death I find as I take more and more of these steps, is that of my Ego?  I have grappled extensively with the Ego, we go back and forth regularly for years.  The things I say today are at times quite different than what I sought to express in the past.

My Journey has shown me it’s not about the experiences themselves, but rather, getting in touch with how I feel as I go through them.  Just like I didn’t feel good about doing Readings in the way I did them in the past, I don’t feel so good doing what I’m doing now.  It’s no disrespect to the other people.  It has little to do with them.  I say that not to be selfish but in Truth, if I am not feeling aligned in the work that I do, than I will be impacting those around me.  Whether someone feels I am effective has no bearing on if I feel effective.  And at the end of the day, at the end of our Lives, we have to be able to look back and feel okay with what we did, how we did it, and what we gave.

So here goes, we’re about to take another step.  Take care, see ya real soon.  This chapter, well, that’s a wrap!



Throughout my life
I have eclipsed my heart
With my thoughts
Some actions
Disenchanted my own soul
The eclipse seems to be passing
Allowing the Light back in

As I have continued into the To Walk Through Darkness and with the Unknown…

Bells Go Ring

Life is some funny ‘tihs.’  Right when you think you got it figured out, you get hit with a curve ball that you never saw coming and it’s time to put down the bat, stopping swinging, and take a walk.

On many occasions in my Life when it was time to take such a step when hit by a curve, I fought vigorously and resisted, even though to walk, take my base, was quite natural.  Life really is a lot like Baseball, something I said age 10 or so to my cousin Keone.

Baseball, something about it.  I have had a hit or miss relationship with the game.  I never played beyond street pick-up games.  As a Youth, I played Basketball and ran track, for fun I played basketball, football, and threw around the ball occasionally.  I had an experienced once where my Dad threw the glove at me because I wanted to go inside and didn’t want to through the ball anymore.  I do not remember the dynamics that led up to it but he once shared a story about getting so angry with my mom he threw his keys at an old house at the counter.

I feel like the pattern of throwing something to release energy, was the only way he could process his emotions.  My Dad, my Brother, are both very beautiful Souls, and their lives have had great tragedy.  My Brother once made a comment that I lacked balls because I did not know how to change a belt in my car.  He was frustrated because I kept calling him for help.  He had offered and I was very lost at the time so I took up every opportunity.  The comment was his way of voicing frustration.

To be aware is not the easiest of tasks.  When it starts to grow and unfold, it is easier to maintain, but still it takes great work.  Every level of consciousness co-exists always. In the past, I have used the analogy that they are all there, gathered around a table, dining together.  Another metaphor is that they all ride in the car together, all speaking at once.  What do you tune out?  What do you listen to?

My Grandmother, Gran, who passed away recently, very often took myself, Keone, and his elder Sister, Cybil, to the University of Hawaii Baseball games during the season.  It was one of those things that we did.  People had made comments to me that I was Gran’s favorite because I really spent a great deal of time with her as a child, time that was not understood until now, how important, how special, how Loving, it really was.  My Grandmother was not perfect.  Her children are nursing their own wounds on different levels and in different ways and argue over the experience I imagine.  But she did provide in ways that were what was needed.

In my case, I was fortunate to talk with her about her Death and what she meant to me.  It’s party of what makes saying Good-bye both easy and hard.  It is easy because I was able to tell her all that I wanted.  It is hard because I am forever changed and realize how influential this figure was in our entire family.

“You know Jase, I felt bad for you, being the only child.”  She said being that I am my Mom’s only and my Dad’s youngest. “I just wanted you to have company.”  It was with Gran that I realized the importance of shared experiences and in many ways giving to others.  Again, though she was not perfect, she really gave greatly of her Life to her family, her Church and community. She also gave so much in terms of what was needed.

“When we kids, we had the necessities…” My Uncle mentioned after her Death.  That generation, the generation of my Grandparents, just like the generation of my parents, my generation, and those to come, I truly believe that all of us, as a collective, do the best that we can do with what we are given.

Our World is in an interesting place.  As much as I believe in Love and living from there.  Have seen how Love allows me to understand that experiences I had with my Dad, my Brother, were merely the Universe giving me what I needed in experience to grow, frees me to forgive and to allow the Loving part of me, who I shut down, to breathe.  I need not perpetuate comments to myself, nor do I have to throw emotions at me.  Life has it all set up.

I need only pay attention.  That right there is the key to Living, Being, Breathing, Healing, all because of Love.

Words.  Words have helped, heal, and at times haunted me throughout my Life.  My gave me many words and as I write these words, as I hear the bells ringing to tell me to take my base, class has ended, and that marriage is on the horizon in my Life, I can only look back in honor.  Because again, like Life hitting me with its curves, Gran was giving me all that I needed each time.

“Thanks, Honey.”  She said the day we had our big talk about going on to whatever is next..  I will never hear that Voice again beyond what I hear in my Heart.  I will never see that smile beyond the image of pictures on this plane and burned within but I will always remember.

I will never be able to put in words in a fashion that does justice what I learned from this woman.  So I will keep talking Baseball.  How it is a slow game, much like Life, how it has two sides to each inning, has its own ebb and flow, the action sometimes rapid, other times dwindling.  There are different characters, different approaches, it requires teamwork.  Though some roles are in theory more important, in essence, each position plays an integral part of the game, kind of how in Life, if you really watch, you can see that all of it matters.

Though their generational values were different, the generation of my Grandparents, reminded me that Love was both real and could be Lifelong.  It all came down to what we choose.  When both of my Grandfathers passed, I saw how much the women who stood by them Loved them.  I felt it and it confirmed that I myself, despite my trips and falls, always wanted that, to share my Life, not only with myself, but with God through Sacred Love with another Human+Being.

Perhaps that is the greatest lesson I shall carry away for as I recalled earlier, my Grandfather went and took care of all of his business, left my Grandma little notes, because he knew it was his time.  These were not perfect people.  But they had Great Love.  I don’t know why or how but somehow the generation of my parents and my peers, have at times got too caught up in the other things.  It is not their faults.  They just didn’t know how.  Didn’t know a way.  Have not yet realized that there is a Path, a Purpose to each of our Lives, we need only have Faith.