Meditation Techniques Part 1

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.  In many circles of thought it is important to keep the spine straight, in others, it is important to just be relaxed.  I say trust your body because one day you might be able to sit upright for a period of time, another you may not, so the most important part is truly the Breath itself, for the Breath is Life, it is also a physical embodiment and experience of Spirit.

But do note, if you lie down, you may possibly fall asleep.  “Do what your body says, Dear.” My Teacher would comment in reference to drifting off during a meditation.  What she calls going to another World, I might call a nap but anyway…

Jokes aside, now, close your eyes.

Focus on the point between your brow, or the Third-Eye Point as some call it.  Now breathe in deeply through your nose, exhale through your mouth, as you exhale, imagine you are saying ‘HAAAAA.’  In Hawaiian culture, this is called the Ha Breath.  Do this type of breathwork three times. and allow it to release all that you have been holding deep within yourself.  This is your opportunity and your practice to truly Let Go of that which does not serve you.

Once you complete this, settle into a normal breathing pattern.  Try to breathe into the deepest part of your belly as you can.  This was the way we breathed as babies so it is very much in line with the first breath that we ever had.  It also allows us to calm the body and the Mind down to be aligned with the Spirit and really connect, to truly feel the Greater connection through the Heart.

The Heart is the center for Love, Love is another name for God, God being that which is Divine and all-encompassing in Life. 

As you breathe, focus on how the the meditative breath feels as the air goes through your nostrils, down the back of your throat, and into your body.  Watch your thoughts as they come through.  Observe sounds, feelings, the voices you hear in your head-space.  They are just experiences the same as watching a movie, listening to a song, or reading a book.  Approach your Mind in the same fashion and watch.

Keep breathing.  Start off in small increments for as long as you can.  A marathon is not run right away.  Training goes into it the same way training goes into Meditation and opening up to the Mystical aspects of your +Being.

Work on this and you will be well on your way to relaxing and also taking a step into closing the perceived gap and separation from the Divine that already exists with you.

In Part 2, we will look at the role of Mantras.


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