These are my Confessions

‘These are my confessions.’ ~ Usher

I opened up an email today and saw the weekly best blogs from Elephant Journal that gets sent to me through some subscription that I signed up for and rarely use but only costs me a few dollars a year.  One of the featured posts was written by a Yogini, who used ‘Confessions’ in the title and it made me laugh.

When I first wrote AUM Vol. 1, I thought it would be funny to add, ‘Confessions of a Mystic / Diary of a Psychic’ to the title.  I settled with Rebirth because I got teased extensively by my former landlady/friend Patrice, who was also a comedienne, and had writings of her own.  But when I think about it, when I remove the labels and judgments, The SImple Voice, AUM, the yet unpublished It’ll Be Okay, all of these really are my confessions, my reflections on what is reflected around me in this Life and how I have processed it.

I am super grateful for my Life.  I don’t always feel like doing cartwheels about that, but I’m cool with that.

“What is Life?  I try to see.  What is Life?  It’s Unity.  What is Life?  I try to feel.  It’s really real… ” the words echo and this hook is an alteration from the first which ends with “It’s looking bleak…”  but it’s Truth, all the variants of the hook of this Black Uhuru song are Truth, explanations and words coming at it from different angles.

I have listened to a great deal of music in my Life, read a large number of books, both from a great many genres and they all paint such powerful pictures of feeling and Being that when viewed like a movie, or as a whole, match and balance and my favorite, have meaning.

But meaning is only there if we choose.  That is what makes our choices so valuable.  One Right is another’s Wrong.  It’s all in how our perspectives understand puzzle and put the pieces together so that at the end of the Ride along Life’s Road, the + Being leaves the Human vessel content.

With that.  I shall stop, for with this expression, confession, of my Life Reflections, as they are Here and Non, for with all of the above, content I am.

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