Welcome to the Abyss

There have been tears, a great many tears streaming and flowing from my eyes in the past week.  I have felt the ever so profound nudges and all-so gentle slaps recently that are telling me it is time to take my show on the road and get out there and share this beyond the shores […]

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Dealing with People Who Hate You

Looking the way that I look (white), even though I am of mixed ethnicity, including Hawaiian, has not made my Life here in Hawaii very easy.  I can’t even recall or count the number of times that I have been called the word, ‘Haole,’ even more so, I cannot even begin to express how many […]

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Sometimes the only thing that we can do, the only thing we really always have going on, is in our Breath. I have been stubborn in my Life when it comes to Meditation but I strive to Breathe Deeply, particularly amidst stress.  While it might not make the thoughts go away immediately, it helps.  The […]

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Turning the Page

I have two people living in my consciousness it would seem: a Happy One and a Not-So One.  Then there is the Observer, who calmly observes, and most likely laughs… Being alive is quite a process.  As I deconstruct what makes me, me, and identify who I am, it is a beautiful, albeit at times […]

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In Translation

I recall hearing the phrase, ‘lost in translation,’ from time to time and though I don’t feel Lost, I do feel like I am going through something in translation. As I have Journeyed thus far and studied the Life around me that is the Waking Dream and all of its Mirrors, I am continually amazed […]

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