In Translation

I recall hearing the phrase, ‘lost in translation,’ from time to time and though I don’t feel Lost, I do feel like I am going through something in translation.

As I have Journeyed thus far and studied the Life around me that is the Waking Dream and all of its Mirrors, I am continually amazed at all that Life is showing.  It truly is in every single moment of every single day that we can find the Truth of something greater.  Whatever that is, well that’s beyond me, I just watch my Life and see what it shows me.

I’m a Gemini with a Scorpio Moon.  I have been told the Left is symbolic of the feminine and the Spirit, the Right is symbolic of the masculine and the physical.  I sat in a meeting yesterday with my two Directors on each side, a Gemini woman, a Scorpio man, and there across me like a Mirror, a Libra woman balancing both.

I get funny looks or laughs when I start connecting dots and referring to the underlying threads that tie it all together.  It doesn’t hurt me much these days.  I will not say it doesn’t hurt me ever for I would be foolish to think such a thing as Life is truly unexpected.  But I do find joy and energy in finding the meaning, whether we wish to say it is spiritual or something else.

I like meaning.  I enjoy meaning.  I suppose it is because I merely wish to understand what it is that is Flowing all around me and have an idea of what my place and purpose amongst it really is, if any.  And it could mean nothing.  That could actually work too.  Chances are, as I have reflected on previously, it is a little bit of all of the above.

My Grandma’s passing is still showing me a little bit of all of the above as I watch my family on that side go through the acts of playing it all out.  Without their parents, the siblings are still in their same roles and exhibiting the traits that were acquired early on.  It is not sad, it merely is and I feel quite fortunate to watch a powerful image, even if it is seemingly as though it is all falling apart.  I know enough not to question the why, I just focus on observing, learning more and more about myself and in turn seeing the Mirrors and Reflections dance all about me.

It is quite beautiful this Life.  Why Yes, it is quite beautiful, indeed…

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