Aw Sookey Sookey Now? Aw Suki Suki Now? (Shrugs Shoulders)

What does that phrase even mean?  Much like Chee Huu in Hawaii, it’s one of those celebratory cries that don’t make a whole lot of sense and probably has five million meanings.  I wonder what Urban Dictionary has to say about it?

Life has been a continuing unfolding of ‘IDK’ each and every day.  Some days I feel great.  Others not so.  As I go through it, I kind of just sit back and watch, observe, feel.  That’s all I really can do.  Forcing change does not achieve the optimal result anyhow.

With that, I wish you in the Ether a good day, a good night, and a good bye.  Not for long.  Particularly since we are in the 6th year of The Simple Voice and its musings.  Not to mention I paid to re-up the darn domain, saddled into the seat for another year, another ride through conscious musing.  Last year gave us a book.

What does this year hold? Volume 2? A new endeavor?  Who knows.  I just thx be to God I’m alive and each day is a bit better if only because I learned more than I did the day before.


I mean aw sookey something.

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