Dealing with People Who Hate You

Looking the way that I look (white), even though I am of mixed ethnicity, including Hawaiian, has not made my Life here in Hawaii very easy.  I can’t even recall or count the number of times that I have been called the word, ‘Haole,’ even more so, I cannot even begin to express how many of those times, the word is preceded with some variant of f*ck.

I do not understand this.  I didn’t board a ship and take land neither did my parents or Grandparents or their parents.  My European ancestry came after the colonization to America.  MY Asian ancestors came to Hawaii before it was annexed.  Even more, my Grandfathers from the Mid-West came after Hawaii had already been a US Territory for generations.  I realize that old wounds die hard but many of the people who have called me these things are not Hawaiian themselves, and/or they aren’t even connected to the fact that they are Hawaiian.  Hawaii’s last Queen married a white person and she wanted a Hawaii where all could be Hawaiian (and even hold dual citizenship if they wished).  Alot of good Loving Ideology got her right?  What kind of world is this that we kill those who want to show us the best within ourselves?  What kind of world are we living in when all we see is through the Devil’s eyes, and not from the Love of the Father who made each and every one of us?

It is interesting to reflect upon discrimination in any form.  I am far from perfect as a Human+Being but each day, I try to be a better man and it surely not easy.  It is particularly hard when you Love someone and it is members her/his family making such statements about you.  It is truly unmarked ground that my Journey is taking me down.

I have been called so many things in my Life and I have a crazy mind that wants to believe the crazy things that are said about me sometimes because my Ego has said as worse if not even more so to me over and over again.  And that is where it comes from.  The consciousness where the Ego resides, plotting and finding ways to cultivate suffering because so many Human+Beings are miserable.

BUT.  I’m through.  I’m done.  I’m so tired.  I’m putting more energy into being Loving then feeding Anger and bigotry.  People are going to say whatever they want to say but I know, I believe in God and that God is not saying any such thing about any of us because God is Love.

Remember Love.  Love the ones closest to you.  Give those you do not know a chance because before you know it, the opportunity to make a life-long friendship may have passed.  Even worse in my opinion, the hate gets transferred into another generation of children being force-fed a culture that rewards animosity and spits on Love.

Let go.  Let God.  Let there be Light.  And please may Love heal All.  If the only thing that will help is to pray until you feel better, than do that.  Because there are so many more important things to spend our energy on.  There are real, legitimate issues that exists not because of someone’s skin or beliefs or sexual preference.  They exist because of the choice to do evil that exists in this plane.

We can either create a beautiful world or destroy it.  The choice lies in each and every moment.

What will you choose?

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