Enter the @menamejmaw

Disclaimer: This blog has nothing really to do with the traditional flow of blogs here.  But at the very least, I hope you laugh.  If you do, then you found the way anyhow… Enjoy!

I have this weird relationship with Twitter.  I got into it early, like before it blew up and everyone was all on its stuff that squirrels chase.  That being said, I have change my @handle a number of times.  It began as @jmaw, which makes sense because I like the acronym of my name for writing and enjoy joking that my parents gave me a spiritual sounding type of name.

Then one night when I was feeling really good, non-substance induced mind you, I decided it was time for the twitter handle to change to @jmawLOCO, which stood for “los ocho cero ocho” as a battle cry of Love to my beloved 808 state of Hawaii and my secret wish to live in Mexico.  Well that was short lived and some little kid in the United Kingdom copped @jmaw and i just had to laugh at myself.  So typical of my Life and Journey to have it already set up in a good way but wander off and realize I liked what I had set up.

Next, @jmawLOCO dropped the LOCO and picked up the 808 as @jmaw808.  This was in vogue for a little over a year before I decided to add ‘hi’ for Hawaii and it became @jmaw808hi.  I tried @mentioning @jmaw but the kid in the UK was busy playing soccer or something, ignoring my attempts at getting him to consider a different Twitter call sign.  I finally let go of the idea of recapturing@jmaw…

Oh well, so much for branding.

Then I started working in the wonderful world of non-profits and in the beginning was tasked with contacting Hawaii Reggae artists Natural Vibes, Hawaii’s pop princess Anuhea, and my fellow Big Island sister, Kimie.  I wasn’t too familiar with the work of many of the artists aside from Natural Vibes, who were really popular at the University of Hawaii so I used the ole Google and learned about the different peeps.  Well, Kimie’s YouTube reads ‘menamekimie’ and for the longest time I thought it was some Reggae term before her name.  It didn’t dawn on me until I was listening Jr. Gong’s classic line:

“Me name Jr. Gong…”

And that grew on me.  My name is in fact, JMAW, well the acronym is anyway.  And if little @jmaw across the pond was holding onto the avatar, then golly gee willickers, I was going to make something fun out of it.

So there you have it: @menamejmaw is in the building (until the next @namechange).


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