‘Do or Do not, there is no Try’ Meaning


Like many people I have tried and failed quite often.  I have often tried and made mistakes.  Whenever I have used the word ‘try’ around my Teacher, Adya, she always says:

“Get that out of your vocabulary!”

I still use ‘try’ here and there even though I don’t much say it around her.  And if I do, I catch it and correct it as soon as it makes its way into sound.  I don’t necessarily think trying is bad.  But I understand why it is important to do, to give it one’s best fully instead of trying half-heartedly.  And I think that is what Yoda meant when he uttered:

Do or do not… There is no try.

The memorable scene depicted the brash teenager of Luke Skywalker grappling with a hard choice as he followed his Path.  He could continue his training and learn the ways of the Force or he could give up.  This choice was something that was not easy as he had to face his greatest Fear, acknowledging the Truth that his father was one of the largest forces of Evil in his story told a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

From my experience in Life, when we have trouble whilst grappling with what to do next and face our fears, it can be hard to keep going, not give up.  As hard as it can be, sometimes Life throws a curve or gives some inspiration when we need it most in order to take the next step in our Journey. Luke couldn’t do for himself so the Star Wars Universe put his friends in danger, giving him extra motivation to stop trying.

In that instance, he stopped trying and actually gave into the tune that Life had been playing for him all along.  If you watch the series through its first trilogy conclusion, even though he leaves his training, he does go on to become a Jedi Knight and a Master.  Though he didn’t listen to Yoda’s teaching the first time, his Path gave him what he needed in order to ‘Do’ what he needed to do.  And it did so in a painful way.  He lost his buddy for a time, lost his hand, and got the rude awakening about his Father.

But that is how Life goes.  Doesn’t matter if the song is the same and someone has already sang it to us.  Sometimes we just have to sing, listen, and dance for ourselves.

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