So in Love…

A few years back, my Life pitched, I swung and done missed a curve ball that I didn’t expect but propelled me to do this Inner Work and figure out what this personal relationship with God through Love was all about to me.

So I went walking about…


And realized that what we say in Hawaii is true, Aloha Ke Akua, God is Love, and I could feel that all over because I was a Mirror of Love myself…  We all are Mirrors!  Or for those of you more inclined to the following language:

We are made in God’s Image and Likeness. 

I took a number of videos and pictures on my trusty old smartphone (what an awesome Life, eh?  some ish goes down but many of us are blessed enough to have smartphones!) to document the sights and sounds.

One of my fondest memories is this video, of New York Street Performers, was taken outside of New York City’s famous American Museum of Natural History.


It was a beautiful late summer day, the Life around me was vivid and Flowing and well, who isn’t a sucker for a classic Love song, eh?  With that, here ave a few Van Gogh Sunflowers to go with your Love song!





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