Love Like a Star

Sometimes all you can do is wish upon a star and hope that you are heard. Yet what happens when your wish comes true? What then do you do? Most often, our guiding star is Love. Blame Hollywood or perhaps something more Infinite.

We all wish for Love.

We are Creatures of Creation by the Creator. We are blessed with Great Power and have the ability to make wishes and Dreams come True. But there is a part of us, The Enemy Within, that will destroy whatever is created.

The Spiritual Journey allows us to view both sides of Creation, the Light and Dark. I believe Balance is acceptance of both, fighting neither, for they are already at odds. When at odds, you have a choice, to accept, embrace and stand firm, to let go.

We don’t really give ourselves the space to do any of this. Feelings feel so powerful when felt that they take us on a ride, detach us from where we are. They can be so strong they push others off keel.

A lack of mindfulness permeates the air of the World today and can be deadly. Where does this leave One who is aware, who strives to grow and share such. For we are All Human and can get pulled along with the tide.

There is an old saying: People enter our lives, for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

The lessons that come from each we encounter take us further into the Truth of who we are, which in the end is Love. It is hard to Love because Love is easy. To simple Love as Love is, resists everything that the physical level of ‘reality,’ or ‘illusion,’ or Both, can tell us.

It defies reason, logic, the makings and trappings of the Mind. But just as people can enter our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, Love comes and goes in Its different Incarnations for All of the Above.

Love can be passionate. Love can be gentle. Love can be chaotic. But I have to believe that through the experiences of Love, we are given the conscious choice to grab the reins of the Spiritual Journey, and ride gracefully through the Healing that can come.

Healing in the form of Pain, moving beyond it, seeing the ugliness for what it is but being able to Love it too, because at the core, what scars us, is what we have the choice to consciously perpetuate or release.

Life is not easy. But it is. Life is hard. But it’s not. We need each and every cut and bruise in order to enjoy the gentle touches, the warm embraces, the perseverance, all the things that come on our own and shared with others.

The Soul asked for it in the first place. Perhaps instead of wishing we can take the pressure off of Wishes and Dreams. What if we could just Love Like a Star is bright? What then might the World look like?

Were we to Love like Stars, would we grow like the Stars in their abundance in this ever-expanding Universe if we allowed Love in its abundance? What then might our experiences be like as we make our ways through each day?

Questions that were dreamed since the beginning I imagine. One day we’ll get it aligned for the Universe is already aligned, in perfect balance, one day I am certain our Love will be just the same for we have the stars in our DNA.

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