The Next Step


Finally JMAW has come back to The Simple Voice!!! I grew up watching and loving Pro Wrestling and to be honest cannot get enough of The Rock’s promos. Oh well.

I have been getting barrels by Life it seems (Flu and Fever, Computer dies, get an infected bite, and job is coming to an end without the next step in sight) and it all began with a Grant Proposal…

At my Full-Time, of which I suggested my position be eliminated to better serve the organization and its programs (I know, I rock right?), we have been killing it on a grant for almost half a year. I agreed to stay on through the Grant so now I find myself in the midst of uncertainty once more as my position was dissolved in a re-org and too many things to list but yeah, here I am getting laid off again. Not much new there as that just seems to be the tone of Life when it is time to Flow along.

A Mentor and Friend told me: Jesus didn’t have a job…

Well, I am no Jesus, I am just who I am and that is cool too. But the reference to Jesus is a good one for it was our Lord and Savior who went out there and did the best to walk his Path despite the uncertainty he faced, and that included Death.

I would pop open a Bible last night and start reading through parts of Ezekiel and found much of the same, the Voice directing the Prophet to trust and just go basically.

I have reflected and expressed in the past that God tells us to step, not the other way around, and it is up to us to move our feet and trust that He will provide the solid ground beneath us. And if we happen to step in quicksand, well there’s a reason for that too even if it is not understood until a span of time later.

Yesterday I saw two former employers who I had a dispute with and left in a blaze and for the first time reflected and wondered if the challenge of this past year was because of the seeds of my past that were not carefully planted. Rather, at times in my Life, I have haphazardly jump from here and there. That ‘ish’ is pretty tiring…

This year, as I have reached the double digit of 33, has been filled with learning of a more reflective nature. When I left the world of doing consultations for people, I asked for a bigger intuitive experience. I got that. As I left the job mentioned in the last paragraph, I declared to focus on writing and spirituality. I have published three spiritually themed books since as well as really dug deep to understand, accept, and most importantly keep having Faith that I have found what I asked once more.

As I wrote a bit earlier, now I ask, what is that God asks? Jason as the driver is fun at times but man… I really do seek Inner Peace, even if the moments of solitude are but moments, I do value them, so I hope to listen closer as I was advised three years ago in New Orleans for in the cracks of space, there lies the lasting Peace that glues All of Life together.

Ta ta…

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