The Way of Movement: More from Sleep Sunshine


“I feel so compelled to share these thoughts of mine, for divine is sharing: Observance of spontaneous rain falls, full moons, sand dunes, and ocean waves directly parallels the reflection of my inner storm and inner paradise. In my eyes, days pass and the portal opens, but before the inevitable leap it reveals grueling karmic ties and imprinted lies. Ascension symptoms evoke every moment like numb sickness and positive health. Something’s always in the air, there’s always a cause for which to care. And so for a while, I’ve been trying to plan, but I recognize the foolishness of thinking I know more than the Universe does: the plan for me is still coming to be. Yeah I don’t know exactly where I’m going, but know where I stand. There is only one direction and one conclusion to be discontent about: that is the obvious that the system only continues to fall short of nurturing my heart’s gift(s)- these words pretty much a euphemism. More questions will rise within us all and we are always a student to the Universe and granted access and sentient beings to teach loving awareness. So despite the madness, I will continue to share my truth and ask of others to share theirs too. Every being will become aware of experiencing that eternal truth somehow, someday, in some way inevitably changing the system from the inside out… Patience. experience. Don’t digress for though we’ve been held down by many chains both unconscious and man-made, the work that must be done is no longer slavery but duty.. Nothing is easy, nothing is difficult, nothing is as it seems. I think the universal law of life much like an equilibrium says that though these times are tough, all will be well and all that is will prevail. So be it, so it is. I know nothing more than these things I think. Peace out, humanity. We are all friends til the end and there is no end.”

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