Pop-Culture and Spirituality: The Superior Spiderman

In a controversial move, Marvel Comics and long-time Spiderman writer Dan Slott, killed Peter Parker and introduced a new, The Superior Spiderman.  The new book has gained popularity and appeal despite upsetting many long-time fans.  Letters to the Editor each month have people claiming to never read again, feeling betrayed, and begging for the return of the Peter Parker, yet the book is going strong and there are no signs of Peter returning… yet.

But the thing is, Peter is not really gone.  The body is the same, the consciousness may have changed, now embodied by long-time Spiderman villian, Doctor Octopus, and as the book has shown, a shard of Peter’s psyche remains buried with the now good Doctor.

Dr. Octopus as the Superior Spiderman is an interesting character because he is out there fighting crime and running the show in his way, albeit with a bit of panache.  Whether the consciousness of Peter Parker returns fully some day, remains to be seen and we are left with a web-slinger that truthfully, exhibits a bit of brutal honesty in dealing with crime.

Interestingly enough, this version of the character also subscribes to the saying:

“With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.”

That saying is an interesting one because it traces its roots a bit further than Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, and finds its roots in scripture (Luke 12:48, Jesus says, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded…).

I recently started a new position with an Arts Company here in Hawaii.  This company has a storied history and its a real cool experience for me.  Far removed from my days sitting beneath a tree, and the feelings I have far different than even a short while ago as I finished editing my first book, Adventures in Urban Mysticism, AUM Vol. 1 : Rebirth, I find myself looking at the different areas of consciousness that one can experience in any given moment.  On the one hand, I’m the same, but on the other hand, I’m different.  And with both hands, I’ve still much further to go…

We shall always have Ego along with our Soul, or Higher Self.  We always have more work to do.  When asked recently what I would do if it was all said and done, I joked that I would live in a cave with a little bear.  LOL, guess the Universe didn’t like that idea because that is not what I’m doing.

I can’t really say for certain but this is my Life, this is how it’s unfolding and I’m grateful and willing to work hard in order to honor the responsibilities that come my way.  I am certain to stumble but the stumbling forces me to dig deep and find a Superior way of being, which truthfully, I find is coming more and more through release and prayer.

Easier said, not so easily done, I concur.  That being said, swing along, for it’s a beautiful Life even with great responsibility and meaningful work to do.  Like Peter being removed from the equation for now and we may not like that, doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to enjoy the new experience.


Bada Boom Bada Bing

Bada Boom Bada Bing, Life’s a Beautiful thing!

Or thang, if you’re from the South.  Jokes aside, as I have weaved through the different elements of my Life Adventure, I have found there to be a great many similarities and certainly a number of things that make me both cringe and smile.  Maybe I cringe at the things and smile at the thangs ; )

It’s been a whirlwind of a year since I ended the draft of my first book and moved into the editing phase.  I published a total of three books since, with the first two coming within six months of each other and the third coming on the day that I turned 33 a month and change back.  Writing is something that I have the best Love/Hate relationship with and excited to continue doing as I move through wherever Life takes me.

What’s a beautiful observation recently is how I am walking through the same ‘themes’ as before only with a different perspective and as such can really appreciated what is unfolding.  I love studying consciousness and living as though I’m waking up.  Where I once felt a need to apologize for being as I am, I now feel a sense of peace with this is me, and learning more and more to love and accept that.

It’s a grand Life when we allow it…

Thanks be to God for all the Blessings that are in my Life.  They were always there, I just couldn’t slow down enough to appreciate it.  You have brought me to my knees, not to punish, but so that I could Listen to the sweet melody of Life’s Soundtrack each day.



@ the #crossroads I stand

once more…

not too sure what’s

in stock at Life’s store

perhaps I shall

sick back at ease

for once in my Life

I’d like to chill in peace

the air is chilly

but not so bad

the sky is grey

yet I do not feel sad

Life’s melody

plays all around

if you stop, look, and listen

Surely Blessed

Will you be

By the Eternal Hand

THX B / Glory Be /  Hallelujah