Each Day, I strive to remind myself that I am living in a Dream.  It’s not the easiest thing to do…

There are bills.  There’s work.  There are relationships with others, not just of the romantic variety but of every size, shape, and form.

There is Conflict.  There is Tragedy.  There is also Harmony.  And of course Happiness.

With all of these experiences, the range of possibility is truly vast, and it is very easy to be distracted.  To be Mindful, to Observe that All of Life is but a Dream, an Infinite Dance, well, that’s pretty darn unreal.  But it’s also a bit cool BECAUSE the experience is real too.  And of course it sucks pretty often.  But then again, ask Neo: What is Real?

Duality is in everything… the more and more I observe this dance, watch this movie, listen to this song that is this Life.  Good/Evil, Right/Wrong, Awesome/Sucks, all one in the same, just comes down to perspective.

Today let me remember to Dream for even if I were to choose an extreme, Life would be there right with me.  For it’s all One any way…

Go Within…


But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you. ~ Matthew 6:6

Within the Temple of your +Being, you can find the fulfillment that you seek.  Do not ever lose sight of that.  Never fail to feed it for it will nourish your Soul, which is far greater than anything of this world.


Is there really such a thing as clarity?  Does it only arrive when pain and suffering are permeating the immediate existence?  Can Clarity come into view through joyful and ‘positive’ experience alone?

The answer I find myself at on this August 22, 2013:  No.

The answer is No because in order to see all of Life, Love, and God’s wonder, we must traverse the spectrum of Life in all its fullness.  The sour taste that comes with something that is disagreeable unfolding is just as valid and filled with just as much Love as the experience of a cold and sweet fresh fruit as it engages the senses.  Though one is preferable, we can not appreciate the value in either without encountering both.

I have written in the past that clarity comes from the observation that Life is Black, White, with many shades of Grey in between.  There in the middle it eventually all becomes clear.

Once clarity enters our Life, how do we maintain that?  How else do we cultivate?

Faith and perseverance are the only ways to grow our awareness.  Faith allows for us to believe that everything is happening for a reason.  Perseverance gives us the strength to accept and keep on walking through all of the peaks and valleys that we may find ourselves.

Do not ever give up on yourself for to do so is greater than and far worse than what anyone else can do to you.  If you remind yourself, to go on, no matter the odds, to travel through the Darkness though it might seem endless, the Light at the end will not only be there, but you will start to see that as much as the Light was there waiting for you to find it, the Light is there always because it is merely your reflection.


“Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying , I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” John 8:12

An important part of the game in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is transitioning between moves.  I have often heard it said the Journey begins once one attains a Black Belt in the art.  In reflecting upon Life, I see that like the martial art, training to transition in Life takes place in every moment, and the learning and perfecting of Living is an admirable pursuit.

I am filled with many questions.  As I write today, the questions I ask are different takes, look through a changed perspective than those I asked in the past.  I openly question myself and wonder what is my Art.

Writing is considered an Art but I don’t think it is my Art.  It’s just something that I have been told to do, told that I would do, and despite my attempts at ‘retirement’ or to put to rest the inquisitive search and exploration that takes place in writing, it is in the end just something that I do.

In starting a new job recently, as a Marketing Director at an Arts Company of all things,  I find myself learning and enjoying more about business.  Yet, in the end, as fun as it is, I do not yet know if it’s my art, or yet another step.

I find myself asking God questions.  I am truly grateful to be where I am for the worries that I have today pale in comparison to the worries I had in the past and wished to move past for days on end some times in the past.  Yet, when I brush away the dust that inevitably collects, there I am, forced once more to gaze even more deeply into my Soul.

I was told by a mentor that the work does end until it does.  I truly believe that what happens, happens for a reason and each experience is something to walk through.  I feel more alive than I ever have, yet I still have it, that thirst, that nudge that the Universe is vaster, greater, and that I have not arrived.

I think back to writing about how I did in fact arrive in AUM Vol. 1.  While maybe I did arrive symbolically to the moment, just like in Jiu-Jitsu, the Journey in the Now has only just begun.  And as I learn to transition a bit more gracefully than I have in the past, the learning still causes pain, still causes its share of challenges.

As I accept this about Life, refocus myself to keep moving, pray for the good, and pray during the bad, I can only trust that God knows exactly what is going on.  That my joys, my fears are all One, and just different shades of the same shadow.

I do not doubt that yet I am unsure how to share it so I retreat and write for only in doing this work, do I offer anything the least artistic.  And I guess that’s what you get when you believe, a very different picture painted through you than what the mundane would have you believe.

Since that is what is unfolding, it is okay.  It has to be because it is what is going on.  And though I know I can make a choice, change on a dime, I have learned all too well that Life has its own course for change and that I just have to go with the Flow for the greatest secret is that as much as we each are living, the Truth is, we are merely watching an Act that has already been scripted.

Ain’t that some ish?  The Path is already laid, we merely need to follow it, Flow with Go, as Rickson Gracie, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend said.

Jesus walked his Path, the Buddha accepted Life as it was without question, and in that, Heaven/Nirvana was always be found.  If we follow the lead of both, not the Life but how they lived it, then perhaps we too can find the same, not knowing what should come next rather, but find the Love that is God, Light, the Creator, the Eternal Spirit, in all that we encounter.

All of this has been echoed for generations and used as ways to explain the phenomenon of Nature and Life.  Yet still questions come up…  Perhaps because as long as One is a unique expression of the Spirit, there is not only work to do, but ways in which we can be expressed through.

That can be beautiful if you think about it…



Just watched the recently released Bob Marley documentary, Marley.  It was an interesting look into the Life of someone whose work transcended his immediate community, and impacted the entire world at the time.  It is still moving people to this day…

Art and expression is a fascinating exploration for me.  As a Writer, I experience elements of dissatisfaction that I have heard Artists’ in other mediums share.  It’s odd, yet telling because my joys as an Artist float on by, questioning if I really do touch the lives of those I encounter.  I do not know exactly what my trip is or why, but as I’m being reminded each week, the answers to the riddles are not always readily apparent.  Have I found my Art?  I have often thought writing is just something that I do, not because I’m good at it, but because it is like breathing and therefore a necessary part of my experience in order to remain alive.

Work, relationships, modern Life itself, and the trappings and enjoyments that come along for the ride, can be cages to keep One from pure expression.  Bob Marley did not let event the Laws of this world bind him…

I have a hard time allowing what I believe so strongly, that ultimately, my Soul yearns to be free, and accept that will happen when it does.  Death is the ultimate liberation, the reward along the Journey, yet we cling to this Life.

Perhaps my tune will change as I near my own demise, though I have a feeling, my feelings at that time will be like a beautiful meal, made of all the best tastes that Life has to offer.

Not too salty, nor bitter, just a little savory, and in the end, filled with spice and a sweetness, that I hope endures beyond the planes of Flesh, Blood, & Bone, of which I find this Spirit woven in-between…

“You’re on a Journey.”  These words I have been told many, many times in more than many ways.  Exodus of not of a people is the result of one man’s work…  The Exodus of a consciousness is the reflection I look at today.

And that is where we shall stop.