Emptiness or empty nest?  It’s funny because I am writing today not to wax poetic, spiritual, or anything else but because it helps me to release.  Funny how that works, eh?

I’ve strayed from writing a whole lot recently.  In part, because I published 3 books, in 9 months…  Where it takes 9 months to grow a child, I shake and baked three ‘children.’

How do I feel?  Well, the day after I published the third, my computer died.  LMAO.  It said peace out JMAW.  It cried out like Roberto Duran, “No mas.  No Mas.”  

And that was it.  Adya, tells me I’ve 30 some odd other books to write.  That is quite a daunting feeling let me tell you.

I’m working on enjoying my Life for there are a great many things that have blossomed for me to crack a smile at.  Yet, there is still that great fear lying deep within me, a feeling that makes me want to say, “Oh, shit…”

Shit, shat, or otherwise, this is where I am.  This is what I’m doing and I’m growing.  I feel stronger today & have more knowledge than I have ever had, yet I still realize how painfully small my existence is. That’s not a bad thing, I suppose it’s just recognition, that’s there still is such a long Road ahead to the Path o’mine and I best to keep walking for who knows what will surface in the days and years ahead.

Thanks for another one and thank you for helping me carry on…

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