Just watched the recently released Bob Marley documentary, Marley.  It was an interesting look into the Life of someone whose work transcended his immediate community, and impacted the entire world at the time.  It is still moving people to this day…

Art and expression is a fascinating exploration for me.  As a Writer, I experience elements of dissatisfaction that I have heard Artists’ in other mediums share.  It’s odd, yet telling because my joys as an Artist float on by, questioning if I really do touch the lives of those I encounter.  I do not know exactly what my trip is or why, but as I’m being reminded each week, the answers to the riddles are not always readily apparent.  Have I found my Art?  I have often thought writing is just something that I do, not because I’m good at it, but because it is like breathing and therefore a necessary part of my experience in order to remain alive.

Work, relationships, modern Life itself, and the trappings and enjoyments that come along for the ride, can be cages to keep One from pure expression.  Bob Marley did not let event the Laws of this world bind him…

I have a hard time allowing what I believe so strongly, that ultimately, my Soul yearns to be free, and accept that will happen when it does.  Death is the ultimate liberation, the reward along the Journey, yet we cling to this Life.

Perhaps my tune will change as I near my own demise, though I have a feeling, my feelings at that time will be like a beautiful meal, made of all the best tastes that Life has to offer.

Not too salty, nor bitter, just a little savory, and in the end, filled with spice and a sweetness, that I hope endures beyond the planes of Flesh, Blood, & Bone, of which I find this Spirit woven in-between…

“You’re on a Journey.”  These words I have been told many, many times in more than many ways.  Exodus of not of a people is the result of one man’s work…  The Exodus of a consciousness is the reflection I look at today.

And that is where we shall stop.

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