Is there really such a thing as clarity?  Does it only arrive when pain and suffering are permeating the immediate existence?  Can Clarity come into view through joyful and ‘positive’ experience alone?

The answer I find myself at on this August 22, 2013:  No.

The answer is No because in order to see all of Life, Love, and God’s wonder, we must traverse the spectrum of Life in all its fullness.  The sour taste that comes with something that is disagreeable unfolding is just as valid and filled with just as much Love as the experience of a cold and sweet fresh fruit as it engages the senses.  Though one is preferable, we can not appreciate the value in either without encountering both.

I have written in the past that clarity comes from the observation that Life is Black, White, with many shades of Grey in between.  There in the middle it eventually all becomes clear.

Once clarity enters our Life, how do we maintain that?  How else do we cultivate?

Faith and perseverance are the only ways to grow our awareness.  Faith allows for us to believe that everything is happening for a reason.  Perseverance gives us the strength to accept and keep on walking through all of the peaks and valleys that we may find ourselves.

Do not ever give up on yourself for to do so is greater than and far worse than what anyone else can do to you.  If you remind yourself, to go on, no matter the odds, to travel through the Darkness though it might seem endless, the Light at the end will not only be there, but you will start to see that as much as the Light was there waiting for you to find it, the Light is there always because it is merely your reflection.

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