Each Day, I strive to remind myself that I am living in a Dream.  It’s not the easiest thing to do…

There are bills.  There’s work.  There are relationships with others, not just of the romantic variety but of every size, shape, and form.

There is Conflict.  There is Tragedy.  There is also Harmony.  And of course Happiness.

With all of these experiences, the range of possibility is truly vast, and it is very easy to be distracted.  To be Mindful, to Observe that All of Life is but a Dream, an Infinite Dance, well, that’s pretty darn unreal.  But it’s also a bit cool BECAUSE the experience is real too.  And of course it sucks pretty often.  But then again, ask Neo: What is Real?

Duality is in everything… the more and more I observe this dance, watch this movie, listen to this song that is this Life.  Good/Evil, Right/Wrong, Awesome/Sucks, all one in the same, just comes down to perspective.

Today let me remember to Dream for even if I were to choose an extreme, Life would be there right with me.  For it’s all One any way…

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