“It isn’t necessary…” As I step through days once or twice, three times so nice, I see how much of this Life is truly not necessary.  Today, as the gears in my mind began to spin about the stresses of the day, I heard that still simple voice within ask: “What do you have to […]

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Nessun Dorma

“Nessun Dorma” is an Aria (song) from the Opera Turandot.  It holds a special place in my Heart because of its roll in my childhood… My Dad was a fan of Pavarotti, one of the famous 3 Tenors, who has performed this Aria many times.  From the 3rd to the 5th grade, my Dad did part-time […]

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End of Days

We fight, we fight, we fight… To stay here, though fear, far Dear To our dealings, and yet, it’s all so clear The End, The End, The End, This is the End is Near. So what end would we bring Now to the  Here? It seems like Nature is screaming at us through how it […]

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