End of Days

We fight, we fight, we fight…

To stay here, though fear, far Dear

To our dealings, and yet, it’s all so clear

The End, The End, The End, This is the End is Near.

So what end would we bring Now to the  Here?

It seems like Nature is screaming at us through how it is moving these days.  We have (or so the media tells based on research) an unprecedented number of storms, sink holes, tragedies and unexplained happenings that despite our instruments and abilities to prevent tragedy, hit close to home all around us and prove that Nature is greater at Chess than we are…

Is it really that hard to explain or are we just in denial?  Is that even important?  Or do we now just have the ability to study and analyze in ways that never existed before so everything looks a lot worse than it is?  Does any of it even matter when history remembers what writers say about it more than the actual experience does?

I have struggled daily with understanding why I am here on this Earth.  Over time, I have gained more insight and continue to learn through it all though still, my Path is not necessarily all Crystal Clear.  Sure there are moments of Great Crystal-Like Clarity but I am not at the place where that is my entire experience.  And that’s okay because I may never have Clarity in the way I think I would like to have it.  But I can guarantee that I will receive whatever I do in the way it is intended for me to experience.

Having studied my Dreams with the help of Mentors, Teachers, the work of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, I have my own ‘codex’ into the symbols that dance around me in Life as I walk this PAth that has been laid out before me on my Journey.

My Life today is great.  Today, for the first time in perhaps ever, I walked for an hour not worrying but observing the flyers on the grounds, the leaves waving with the tress in the wind, and all that I experienced in a walk to work, I gave thanks for all the things I saw and for the ability to walk and breathe.  My Life, through Faith and seeking to know God is Love (Aloha ke Akua), in every experience, each flavor of Life, has transformed my Life.

Yet, I am left once more feeling something that I felt years ago…  It is a burning desire to share something I’ve always felt but Life gives me more experiences and a greater understanding each day to explain.  Perhaps because in my Journey, this burning desire is the purpose I seek to grasp my purpose so completely.

We, meaning, We the People, of this time in the collective experience, will be our own undoing if we do not seek to change.  The chapter on our demise is not yet written nor does it have to be scripted by ourselves but when I look at the micro-system of my experience, contrast that with the macro-system of the world around me, I see the pattern, almost like a code woven in.  Perhaps it is because DNA is within all Life, that within systems, there would be patterns too…

I strive to share what I experience and learn in order to serve the World and honor the Beauty that is the Spirit of Life, Love, that of Aloha ke Akua (God is Love), that is at the very essence of all that graces this frequency of consciousness and experience.  I cannot tell you beyond sharing my experiences why I believe that because my words fall short time and time again when describing what I feel.

For a long time, I thought I had something to share, then I thought once I shared it through spiritual work and writing that I would be fulfilled and my Journey would be complete.  What I have found instead are momentary experiences of bliss like a scenic lookout and a feeling that I’m crossing something off the list but still, there is more work to do, and much further to go.  So much to share and only this Life to do it.

I think it important to put that last paragraph into writing for whoever may read it to reflect upon.  Though the Highs feel great, remember the Lows will come, and though that feeling is not as “pretty’ as its opposite, it is needed in order for there to be any sort of balance.  We can appreciate through the experience of extremes.

Fear is a commodity for it is the polar opposite of Love and a root from which conflict, all conflict begins because it lives within our very beings.  And the Greatest Fear?

That Life is ultimately Love.

We are afraid of our Nature so we fight, we harm and as a result, that Nature is stirring in such a way to command our attention.  To bring us back to the present and appreciate every moment, of every day that this human Life brushes across the canvas of Creation.

When it’s done, it’s done.

When it’s done, it’s done.

When it’s done, it’s done.

Everything has an Ending and what comes after the Ending is a New Beginning.  Whether Eternal Life is the Goal or whether we fade away, it doesn’t matter because living for that takes us away from processing the present.  I am not saying to be evil, I’m just emphasizing the importance of Living in ‘Current Affairs’ for if we Live Right Here and Now, for to do so is to find the glimmer of Light that is Great Truth, for in the core of the moment, ever so slight in those hardest of times and obviously blaring in the good time.   And that Great Truth?

The Greatest of Truth is one and the same as our Great Fear:

That Life is ultimately Love.



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