“It isn’t necessary…”

As I step through days once or twice, three times so nice, I see how much of this Life is truly not necessary.  Today, as the gears in my mind began to spin about the stresses of the day, I heard that still simple voice within ask: “What do you have to worry about?”

It’s true.  What do I have to worry about.  Yeah, sure there are bills and the fact that my position at my job is responsible for ticket sales and that whatever that figures ends up as, that’s how we’ll be viewed.  Yet, a part of me is not concerned because having lived this Life long enough to realize The Creator has it covered, it’s easier for me to disconnect from the stresses of each day.

That’s not to say those things aren’t important.  In one system of experience, they are in fact quite important, but in the end, we’re all just stardust anyway so what’s going to be is going to be and I have to tend the Inner Garden so that it is in good order.  I truly believe that our Spirits are Free and One with God and that this Life allows us the opportunity to, should we allow it, find God over and over again.

It’s much like the parable of the Kingdom of Heaven being like a treasure in a field that Jesus spoke of.  Though we can easily get caught up in other things, finding the treasure that comes with fully Being in the present, is worth the hunt each and every time.

As I go through more and more stressful situations and see how much faster I rebound through adversity, I feel extremely blessed to have Faith.  It is what I sought for so long and I am very grateful to have experienced.  It is worth working on daily and it carries me further and further into the arms of Aloha ke Akua (God is Love) that is the experience all around me.

Mahalo ke Akua!

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