Every Day Since

Every Day Since


Every day since the Last time, the last time I was here

I learned, no, I lived and felt that at least, at the VERY least

I am a Poet


letting Life course through

me, words merely


documenting my struggle

to break free

from the

cocoon, the spiritual

wrapping that allowed

my transformation while also

killing the previous




The shell, my mask, flawed,

though mine, thus deserving

of Love, the last time I

was here…


broken yet whole!


The concrete jungle

woven by dreams

inspired me to step

past Fear and its grip

upon me.


The Subway tunnels we traveled

we being the mass,

the mess within me



all around to


Atop the Rock, I realized

my value of People and

committed further to

live from and for



Amidst artifacts I wandered

looking, yearning, for



to guide me…


I felt the twist of my

own torment, the

design of selfish choices

like daggers wedged deep


Rebirth, the stranger said to me

Her son, his name the same

as mine made his own choice,

volunteered and off to

the Big Easy it was

For both he and I…


The Devil does his dance in Georgia!!!


I’ve seen it with my own eyes

Demons all around

Torturous vexations of the

Spirit, release my only clown

Laugh did I at all the

noise filling my heavy-heart

The fog was deep so deep

haunted amidst my own



The stadium, the humidity, the

walls all around me to Hell’s depot I went, Lost

Souls is all I found you see

And then I prayed, I stayed

one night only betrayed did

I the Fear, to choose Love,

it felt so clear that Light

I found you see, Pray did I,

had I since this Journey

began, as boy, I didn’t know

as a man without

Him I couldn’t stand. No

longer could I bear such

a burden on my own,

at last it’s done, my

Savior claimed, I’m in the zone,

that dreams, Dark, of figures

out to burn me, when Lightning

did strike and it was clear that

Fear, its evil could no longer hurt

nor lay claim


to me, my Soul, and I.


So finally, I looked with His

Eyes and felt Love all around

in God’s Armor, warpped in His

Angels wings and they His Arms

was all of Creation,

Salvation, my Rebirth finally found


it was from the twisting

river of change that gripped my Life and at last Paradise,

at Home

found was I that day

and every Night…


Every day since the last time I was here

and the adventure continues…

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